32mm Brandon


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The 32mm Vernonscope Brandon eyepiece is designed for uncompromising low power high contrast deep space observing, particularly with telescopes having a focal ratio of f/7 and above . . .
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Product Description

The 32mm Vernonscope Brandon eyepiece is designed for nigh-perfect low power deep sky observing with any telescope type, at focal ratios f/7 and above. Emission and reflection nebulas, planetary nebulas, globular clusters, open clusters - all look superb against the dark sky background of the tack-sharp, high contrast, 32mm Brandon. With shorter focal length scopes, down to f/4, it is still exceptionally sharp at the center of the field (although somewhat less so at the edges).

Eye relief at 15mm allows relatively unvignetted use with eyeglasses.

The Brandon is the sharpest design currently available for eyepiece projection photography. The body of the 32mm is considerably narrower than most similar focal length Plössl eyepieces, allowing its use in an eyepiece projection adapter much more readily than a wider Plössl. Its rolldown rubber eyecup can be removed, should the eyepiece/eyecup combination be too wide to fit easily into your eyepiece projection adapter. Be sure that its 2.25" body length is not too long for your adapter, however.

Tech Details

Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Relief 15mm
Field of view 48
Focal Length 32mm
Number of optical elements 4
Weight 4 oz
Warranty Limited Lifetime


Review by:
I use this eyepiece on my Questar 3.5" for a flat, wide, distortion-free view. Like all of the Vernonscope eyepieces, the contrast and clarity can't be beat! (Posted on 10/6/2018)
Review by:
Excellent eyepiece. Superior contrast but not too good for eyeglass wearers. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
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