Tele Vue 55mm Plössl


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If you have a 2" focuser on your f/8 and longer focal ratio telescope, this 2" eyepiece will give you the widest possible field of view - even wider than a 31mm Nagler, but at less than 40% the cost . . .
Our Product #: TP55
TeleVue Product #: EPL-55.0
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Product Description

If you have a 2" focuser on your f/8 and longer focal ratio telescope, here's a 2" eyepiece that will give you the widest possible field of view - even wider than a 31mm Nagler, but at less than 40% the cost. (The 31mm Nagler is designed to give maximum brightness and field of view on a fast focal ratio Dobsonian, not a long focal ratio refractor, Schmidt-Cassegrain, or Maksutov-Cassegrain, as is the 55mm Plössl.)

This is a good low power/wide field eyepiece that provides the widest field and largest exit pupil possible with an f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain for true rich field observing. It's ideal for capturing many of the more compact open clusters such as the Pleiades, viewing emission and reflection nebulas in their entirety, scanning large and faint nebula remnants such as the Veil, etc. You can use the calculator below to see how wide a field it will give you with your particular focal length scope.

It has a rubber grip ring for comfortable use in cold weather. It provides an immense and wasteful 12.2mm exit pupil with an f/4.5 Dobsonian reflector. As the only observers whose eyes can dilate to this size are probably owls, this eyepiece would not be a sensible choice for fast focal ratio reflectors. It is better suited to the longer focal ratios of refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrains, and Maksutov-Cassegrains than it is to reflectors with focal ratios shorter than f/8. If you have a long focal ratio 2" focuser scope, however, this is a terrific way to get the most out of it.

The eye relief is long enough to allow eyeglass wearers to see all of the field with their glasses on, yet it's not so long that those who don't wear glasses will find observing uncomfortable. The eyepiece is provided with a unique adjustable height eyeguard adapter that aids in properly positioning your eye in the exit pupil. This minimizes "pupil shadowing" and reduces stray light to maximize contrast. The soft rubber eyecup can be used fully extended or rolled back, whichever is more comfortable. You can also selectively extend one side of the eyecup to shield your eye from external light (such as a neighbor's porch light).

Tech Details

Barrel Size 2"
Eye Relief 20mm
Field of view 50
Focal Length 55mm
Number of optical elements 4
Weight 21 oz
Warranty 5 years


Review by:
I use my PVS-14 night vision monocular mounted on this TeleVue 55mm Plossl for breath taking views of nebula. Add a H alpha filter and the Nebula look like photographs. This is a must have eyepiece for night vision gear.... (Posted on 10/31/2019)
Review by:
I love my TeleVue eyepieces. I started with a 55mm Plossl and then purchased a 17mm Ethos, 10mm Ethos, and 4.7mm Ethos. I also added a 2" 2x TeleVue Barlow. All I can really say is if you want a good eyepiece you can not go wrong with TeleVue. They are the absolute best in my opinion! I will eventually own the entire Ethos set, I just don't have words for how much I love them. (Posted on 10/17/2019)
Review by:
I have one of these for my 1980's Celestron C8. It vastly improves the views I was getting from my 25mm. It was a recommendation from a fellow astronomer and if anyone has a large slow scope I would highly recommend this eye piece. (Posted on 7/22/2019)
Review by:
My Pronto can span more than 5.5 degrees (5.73) of sky with the 55mm Plossl. If wide field observing is your thing then this sharp Tele Vue eyepiece is a good ocular to have. (Posted on 10/17/2018)
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