Tele Vue Accessory bar to use a TeleVue-version Starbeam red-dot finder on a catadioptric

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This Tele Vue accessory bar lets you mount a TeleVue Starbeam finder on a catadioptric telescope . . .
Our Product #: TVSBB
TeleVue Product #: SBB-1002

Product Description

This Tele Vue accessory bar combines with an optional #TVSCTB accessory bracket to let you mount a TeleVue-version Starbeam finder on a catadioptric telescope. The black-finish machined metal dovetail bar attaches to your TeleVue-specific Starbeam red dot finder. It replaces the low-profile dovetail that normally connects the Starbeam to the dovetail slot on a Tele Vue refractor's tube ring mount.

An optional #TVSCTB dovetail bracket is mounted on your catadioptric telescope, using the accessory mounting holes at the 1 o'clock position on the catadioptric's rear cell. This accessory bar, with Starbeam attached, slides into the dovetail groove on the #TVSCTB bracket and is held in place by a single large plastic hand-tighten knob. There is a safety stop in the #TVSCTB dovetail slot that keeps the Starbeam from sliding out of the bracket should the locking knob accidentally loosen during use.

This accessory bar, combined with the #TVSCTB, lets you use a single Starbeam finder on two scopes, saving the cost of buying a second Starbeam for your second scope.

Tech Details

Warranty 5 years


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