Tele Vue Adapter to use 0.8x reducer in 2" focuser TV-102, NP-101, or NP-127

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This TeleVue adapter lets you use the # 1361 and #1362 0.8x reducer with the 2" focuser NP-101, NP-127, and TV-102 refractors for prime focus astrophotography . . .
Our Product #: 1363
TeleVue Product #: RAD-1074

Product Description

This TeleVue 2" focuser adapter lets you use the #1361 0.8x reducer with the 2" focusers of TeleVue NP-101 and NP-127 refractors. It also lets you use the #1362 0.8x reducer with the 2" focuser of the TV-102 refractor. The adapter lets you do prime focus astrophotography with these reducers using 35mm film cameras, 35mm format digital SLRs, and SBIG STL11000 Research Series CCD cameras.

In addition to this #1363, imaging will require one of three combinations of some of the following accessories (which combination is used depends on the type of camera - see the system chart feature image below):
a #1361 0.8x reducer or #1362 0.8x reducer,
a #1364 3.8" extension tube,
a #13T025 0.25" spacer,
a #13T050 0.5" spacer,
a #13T100 1.0" spacer,
a #13CAW Canon wide T-adapter, and Canon T-ring,
a #13TRA standard T-ring adapter, and an appropriate T-ring, and
a #13STL SBIG STL11000 camera adapter.

The system charts in the feature images below show the required order in which the #1363 and the other optional accessories should be assembled for proper operation. The #1363 adapter is used in place of the imaging system adapter, labeled part A in the system charts below, that is supplied with IS-system scopes.

The adapter is made of black anodized aluminum with internal anti-reflection threads for maximum contrast. A safety cut in the adapter's 2" barrel engages the thumbscrew or compression ring of the telescope focuser to hold the adapter safely in the focuser should the thumbscrew or compression ring loosen during use.

Tech Details

Weight 5 oz.
Warranty 5 years


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