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Astro-Tech 10.5mm 1.25" PF Eyepiece

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This Astro-Tech 10.5mm PF series eyepiece has excellent eyerelief and a fantastic flat field to further enhance your viewing pleasure.
Our Product #: ATPF10
Astro-Tech Product #: ATPF10

Product Description

This Astro-Tech 10.5mm PF eyepiece is excellent for medium magnification viewing with short to medium focal length refractors and reflectors. It is also extremely usable with long focal length refractors and catadioptric scopes under virually any seeing conditions.  This focal length tends to hit the sweet spot in most long focal length telescopes.

With a short focal length refractor it is a low power eyepiece. With the 430mm focal length Astro-Tech AT72EDII, for example, its five lens/four group multicoated glass optics provide 40x and a field over three times as wide as the full Moon. This is well suited for observing globular clusters such as M13 and M22. Both fit nicely into its 1.67° field with the AT72EDII, with a framework of black sky around the clusters to set them off. Its sharpness and lack of astigmatism across the field make globular clusters sharp, vivid, and nearly three-dimensional.  This series of eyepiece is designed to have an inherently flat field, so it will excell at wide field observation.

It functions so well for medium high magnification observing with long focal length refractors, reflectors, or catadioptric scopes. On an 8" f/10 catadioptric, for example, it yields 190x. This is an excellent magnification for planetary and close-up lunar observing. Its overall performance makes it a much better choice as a second eyepiece than merely doubling the power of most scopes' so-so standard 25-26mm eyepiece with a Barlow.

The five lens/four group design of the 10.5mm Astro-Tech PF provides all of the optical virtues described at the top of this catalog page - high contrast, a sharp and flat field from edge to edge, excellent color fidelity, and exceptionally low astigmatism and barrel distortion. It has a usable eye relief of 16mm, excellent for such a short focal length eyepiece. The eyepiece some with a traditional rubber fold down eye cup to assist that glasses wearers of the world find a comfortable eye position.  This particular eyepiece has a nice 60° apparent field of view.

Enjoy the night skies with this very reasonably priced premium eyepiece.

Tech Details

Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Relief 16mm
Field of view 60
Field Stop 11.7mm
Focal Length 10.5mm
Number of optical elements 5
Weight 5.2 oz.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I purchased this eyepiece after getting an email about the series being on sale and received it yesterday (6/23/23). First light with it was this morning with a TPO 6" Newtonian used to view Saturn - I was able to view the planet, Titan and Rhea in 'good' seeing conditions with no problem! Can't wait to use it with my SCT's. Definitely a good investment, especially for the entry level amateur. (Posted on 6/24/2023)
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