Astro-Tech #47 Violet 1.25" color filter

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If you have a big scope (8" in aperture and larger), this Astro-Tech #47 violet 1.25" eyepiece filter can help detect high clouds and haze over the Martian polar caps and enhance structure in Saturn's rings . . .
Our Product #: ATCF47

Product Description

This #47 violet Astro-Tech 1.25" eyepiece filter is useful for detecting high clouds and haze over the Martian polar caps and enhancing Saturn's ring structure with telescopes 8" to 10" in aperture and larger . . .

Recommended applications for this filter:
Mercury - May improve observations of rarely visible faint surface features with scopes 8" to 10" in aperture and larger. Venus - Increases contrast of occasional faint dark shadings in the upper cloud deck. Mars - Useful for detecting high clouds and haze over the polar caps with large scopes, particularly during the still-unexplained phenomenon of violet clearing (when the Martian atmosphere - normally a bright, featureless disc in violet light due to the scattering of short wavelengths of light by the thin atmosphere - becomes transparent through a violet or blue filter, revealing large dark surface features). Jupiter - Primarily used for enhancing the boundaries between the reddish belts and adjacent bright zones in the upper atmosphere . Helpful in defining the Great Red Spot and festoons in the belts with scopes 8" and larger. Saturn - Good for enhancing the ring structure with 8" or larger scopes. Comets - Useful for observing brighter comets with scopes 10" and larger.
3% transmission

Tech Details

Color 47 - Violet
Weight 1 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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