Astro-Tech #58 Dark green 1.25" color filter

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This Astro-Tech #58 dark green 1.25" eyepiece filter is very helpful when observing the Moon and Mars, plus enhances a variety of features on all the other planets from Venus to Saturn If you have a scope 8" in aperture and larger . . .
Our Product #: ATCF58

Product Description

This #58 dark green Astro-Tech 1.25" eyepiece filter will enhance your viewing of the Moon and Mars, as well a variety of features on every planet from Venus to Saturn with telescopes 8" in aperture and larger . . .

Recommended applications for this filter:

Moon - Excellent for enhancing the contrast of lunar features in scopes 8" and larger. Venus - Increases contrast of occasionally-visible Venusian cloud patterns. Reduces the brightness of the terrestrial sky during daylight observing of Venus (an excellent time to observe this planet, as the high contrast of Venus against the dark night sky often makes for uncomfortable and unsatisfactory observing, while during the day the contrast range is not nearly as great, irradiation within your eye is reduced, and subtle Venusian features are sometimes more visible). Mars - Excellent for increasing contrast of Martian polar caps and surface frosts with scopes 8" and larger. Sharpens low-lying clouds. Jupiter - Increases the visibility of the Great Red Spot (which is more like a Faint Red Spot at the present time) with scopes 8" and larger. Useful for observing the low-contrast hues of red and blue visible in the Jovian atmosphere. Enhances white features in the planetary atmosphere. Saturn - Enhances white cloud belts and polar regions. Comets - Useful for observing brighter comets with scopes 8" and larger.
24% transmission

Tech Details

Color 58 - Dark Green
Weight 1 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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