Astro-Tech 8mm 1.25" Paradigm Dual ED


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This Astro-Tech 8mm Paradigm Dual ED eyepiece has excellent color fidelity and contrast, exceptionally low distortion, and a low price that will make you wonder why others charge more for less high power performance . . .
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Product Description

This Astro-Tech 8mm Paradigm Dual ED eyepiece is a logical choice for high quality/high magnification observing with long focal length refractors, reflectors, or catadioptric scopes under good to somewhat better than average seeing conditions. Below average seeing conditions may limit its performance.

If so-so seeing is the norm where you observe, its 8mm focal length may represent the shortest focal length practical with a long focal length telescope for observing lunar and planetary detail, resolving globular clusters, picking up small planetary nebulas against a stellar background, etc.

Contrast is very good for planetary and lunar use, rivaling that of orthoscopics and Brandons, but with a substantially wider field of view and excellent eye relief. Its sharpness and lack of astigmatism across the field makes smaller globular clusters vivid and nearly three-dimensional.

The six lens/four group design and two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements of the 8mm Astro-Tech Paradigm provides all of the optical virtues described at the top of this catalog page - high contrast, a sharp and flat field from edge to edge, excellent color fidelity, and exceptionally low astigmatism and barrel distortion. It has a usable eye relief of 13mm, excellent for an eyepiece in this focal length range. Combined with the twist-up eyecup design, the long eye relief makes it a good choice for eyeglass wearers.

This new Astro-Tech 8mm Paradigm Dual ED eyepiece will make you rethink your expectations about just how good an 8mm eyepiece you can get for such a reasonable price - and make you wonder why other manufacturers can't do as well.

Tech Details

Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Relief 13mm
Field of view 60
Focal Length 8mm
Number of optical elements 6
Weight 6.4 oz.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
Really enjoy my set of these eyepieces. (3.2, 5, 8). The 8 is probably my most used, since it's usually going in my 8" dob and delivers a still-usable exit pupil. For DSOs the view is clear and I really like how crisp the field stop is. For lunar, the view is perfectly fine. Nothing too special, but it's sharp to the edge and doesn't seem to exhibit any poor characteristics. Eye relief is fine. (Posted on 10/19/2019)
Review by:
The 8mm was my first Paradigm Duel ED eyepiece and found it to be better than expected. The value here is excellent. 8mm, decent eye relief and an acceptable FOV all for 60 bucks. Can't beat it. I think I've landed up burning an image of Jupiter into the glass from using this in the driveway (not really....)! (Posted on 10/4/2019)
Review by:
The 8mm AT Paradigm is a very nice eyepiece at a very nice price. Very comfortable to look through with a nice twist-up eye guard. My sample compared very favorably to similar eyepieces which cost more... I found the 8mm to be particularly good on the moon as it seemed to have excellent stray light suppression. Coatings were nicely applied and the rubberized exterior is easy to handle in the cold. (Posted on 9/26/2019)
Review by:
The 8mm worked well for me. The images were brighter and better focused than those from the eyepieces that came with my starter AWB telescope. Definitely a good purchase. (Posted on 9/21/2019)
Review by:
I own three Paradigm eyepieces. The 5 mm, 8 mm, and the 15 mm. Perhaps I got a bad example, but the views through the 5mm and 15 mm are clearly superior in resolution and clarity, compared to the 8 mm. (Posted on 5/27/2019)
Review by:
This is my second favorite Paradigm EP (after the 12mm). Everything you want in an EP -- good FOV, good eye relief, sharp images. I don't understand how these are so inexpensive, but I'm not complaining. Love it. (Posted on 1/14/2019)
Review by:
This eyepiece was recommended by the folks at Astronomics. I've tried it on my Celestron NEXSTAR 8 SE 8" GO-TO SCT. It works great. It is very clear and I have achieved some really good images. Thanks! Great recommendation! (Posted on 1/14/2019)
Review by:
I love the whole Paradigm eyepiece family. I believe they are a fantastic value and perform as well as my Baader Hyperions costing 2X more. The 8mm provides a wonderful magnification for nights of mediocre seeing. I often start with my 25mm to get the object in view and centered, then move to the 8mm for the planets and Moon. Love the clarity, contrast and fantastic eye relief (I can leave my glasses on). (Posted on 1/4/2019)
Review by:
I use this 8mm Dual ED Paradigm along with an 18mm Dual ED Paradigm in my 10" f/4.7 (1200mm FL) Dobsonian.

It's a very nice eyepiece for the price. Views are well resolved, and while I'm a beginner, I've noticed very little aberrations in either Dual ED Paradigm. And I'm very familiar with different types of aberrations from a terrestrial photography hobby.

My only criticism is the eye cup design. I personally think the solid retractable eye cup is more of a gimmick than a useful feature. It's easier to get to the right eye relief distance with more light blocking and less scope bumping with a soft rubber eye cup design. That said, it still does the job, it just requires a little more practice and careful movement than a soft eye cup.

Overall it's very difficult to beat these eyepieces. I also have an Explore Scientific 24mm 82 degree eyepiece, and while the huge increase in FOV is noticeable, the views are roughly just as sharp in these little guys. I plan on buying more Dual EDs and rounding out my magnification range since I've had such a good experience with them. (Posted on 12/28/2018)
Review by:
Tested with our 10" Dob and good focus consistency over the field of view. Comparable performance to more expensive eyepieces. Very happy with the purchase. (Posted on 11/29/2018)
Review by:
The Paradigm Eyepieces are a great value for the money. I needed quality eyepieces for my Bino Viewers and the Paradigm 8mm fill the high power end of these eyepieces. The other end is 15mm Paradigm's and I have been totally please with the results of these eyepieces. (Posted on 10/8/2018)
Review by:
I wanted a set of decent eyepieces to use for outreach, quick looks at/near home and situations where a lighter eyepiece would be advantageous. I first tried the 8mm and was very pleased with it. I've since bought the 5, 12 and 18mm versions and added a 32mm Pl to complete my "B Team" set.
These eyepieces have comfortable eye relief, apparent field and a nice form factor. The main body is a grippy material with a twist up eye cup - very nice features. They provide good sharpness as well!

I wish I could give these 4 1/2 stars as the only dings would be in the performance away from center axis in fast scopes and coatings. Not to say the coatings are bad, just not as rich as those in eyepieces costing 3x the price or more. I'd rate the Value of these a a full 5 stars! (Posted on 10/6/2018)
Review by:
I really enjoy this eyepiece for planets. I got a glimpse of Saturn's rings, Jupiter's bands and the great red spot, and Mars' poles! It was very clear to see and had good contrast and a nice field of view. I use it with a 72mm refractor telescope and a Celestron 2.5X barrow. (Posted on 10/6/2018)
Review by:
Beautiful fit and finish,sharp with good contrast. I plan too buy more of the series. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
Review by:
I have had four of these in various focal lengths for a few years, now just waiting for the 12mm to come in to complete the set. Excellent all-around wide field, long eye relief EP. I find myself grabbing for these every time out even though I have more expensive EPs. If you're just starting your EP collection, other specialty EPs can wait. Get these first as a basis for your collection. If you have to stick with a handful of EPs, these should be it.

One exception - for high power planetary get an ortho or two IF you're fussy about every tiny bit of detail. Otherwise these are the EPs to have for everything else. I even grab for the 5 and 8mm Paradigms for planetary simply because the FOV is so comfortable and viewing is more enjoyable. The contrast isn't quite what a Plossl or Ortho can do but only by a small amount (because you're looking through more glass elements in the Paradigm), but the small difference in contrast is more than made up for by the FOV and sharpness across most of the field. I still usually go for the Paradigm and enjoy! These at least match a good high power planetary EP and Barlow of similar equivalent focal length but with better FOV.

As others have said, if you use a Dob or any undriven scope, these are the basic set to have by a large margin - your no-brainer solution to a great set of EPs, even when compared to those in the higher price ranges. When I look through them, even after years of use and with a few Televues etc. in the "jewelry box," I find myself mumbling, "I love these Paradigms!" Glad I bought them before the price goes up to what it should be. For once I got the better end of the deal. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
Review by:
All I can say is - EXCELENT. For the money you can not beat this EP. Excellent contrast, great FOV and good eye relief. I have the whole set and they are my GO TO ep's on all my scopes. I prefer them over my much more expensive EP's for contrast, and viewing quality. Get the set, you will not be unsatisfied. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
Review by:
I already owned the Paradigm 25mm eyepiece, bought at a local swap meet/sale; I was really impressed with the increased contrast, sharpness, and detail along with a wider field of view compared with a Plossl. A really visible difference. I am equally impressed with the 8mm. It is very sharp, images are crisp and detailed. The views compare well with far more expensive eyepieces I've used. I know I'll be using these for a long time to come. Thanks for providing such a great eyepiece design at a really reasonable price. (John K.) (Posted on 8/4/2017)
Review by:
With some modifications to my cheap telescope setup (4.5") I was able to and stack up pictures of Saturn and get a glimpse of Saturn's Cassini divisions. Something quite difficult with a 4.5" Bird-Jones telescope. These eyepieces are worth more their price.

Alvaro (Posted on 8/4/2017)
Review by:
(Posted on 8/4/2017)
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