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This very economical Astro-Tech #ATIL adjustable brightness red LED illuminator can be used with any crosshair reticle guiding eyepiece that uses an 8mm nosepiece diameter illuminator . . .
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Product Description

This very economical Astro-Tech #ATIL cordless illuminator is used in the 10x50mm Astro-Tech illuminated reticle finderscopes and in the Astro-Tech #AT24IL illuminated centering eyepiece. It can also be used in the Celestron 10mm Plössl crosshair reticle guiding eyepiece (and most other manufacturers' illuminated reticles that use an illuminator with an 8mm nosepiece). It is available here as a replacement for a broken, lost, or stolen illuminator from such a finderscope or eyepiece.

The battery-operated illuminator has a metal body with an adjustable brightness red LED (light emitting diode). There is a combined on/off switch and variable brightness control at one end. The other end has a male threaded nosepiece to fit illuminated reticles with a standard 8mm female thread illuminator port. Two supplied 1.5V watch/camera/calculator button batteries will power the illuminator for many hours of use. The supplied batteries are model GPA76, but you can also use the Duracell, Maxell, National, Panasonic, Sony, or Toshiba LR44; the Eveready or Philips A76; etc. When replacing batteries, be sure the battery - signs face the LED portion of the illuminator and the + signs face the on/off switch.

Please note: While the manufacturer normally supplies batteries at no cost with this product as a convenience, the battery charge or useful life is not guaranteed. The batteries may arrive with their charge depleted or very low. In such a case, you will have to purchase replacement batteries locally, as battery life is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Tech Details

Weight 1 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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I purchased this illuminator for the AT 8X60finder that I recently received with my AT115EDT. The finder in and of itself is very good but the reticle was almost impossible to see. So I ordered this illuminator for it and it was one of the best decisions I have made. I was able to use it last night and it did the trick. The beauty of this illuminator is that the brightness is variable. I live in a fairly light polluted environment so being able to turn it up made all the difference in the world. As it stands for all Astro Tech products, this little gizmo exudes quality. It takes all of five seconds to install and should you purchase one of the new AT finder's, then by all means consider this unit. (Posted on 11/29/2022)
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