Astro-Tech Dedicated 0.8x reducer/field flattener for the Astro-Tech AT80ED


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This Astro-Tech 2" 0.8x reducer/field flattener is designed for astrophotography while using your Astro-Tech AT80ED refactor.
Our Product #: AT80EDRF
Astro-Tech Product #: AT80EDRF
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Product Description

This Astro-Tech #AT80EDRF 0.8X reducer/field flattener is designed for prime focus astrophotography with your AT80ED refractor. (model year 2018 and newer) 

The dedicated fully-multicoated Astro-Tech AT80EDRF converts the 560mm focal length f/7 Astro-Tech AT80ED refractor into a 448mm f/5.6 lens for faster and wider field astronomical and terrestrial photography..

In addition to reducing the focal length of the telescope and thereby increasing the photographic speed, the AT80EDRF flattens the normal field curvature inherent in all refractors to provide images that are focused out to the very corners of a large format DSLR chip. Stars look sharp and point-like all the way across the field in your images. You don't have to worry about photos that are sharp in the center and blurry at the edges.

The Astro-Tech AT80EDRF reducer/flattener threads into the AT80ED focuser leaving you with a very solid connection. The telescope-side barrel is threaded for standard 2" filters so you can attach a light pollution filter if the mood suits you. The camera side of the reducer uses a 42mm T-threads to connect to a T-ring and camera body.  Back focus is 55mm from the shoulder of the reducer to the image plane, the standard spacing for 35mm and DSLR camera bodies.

Tech Details

Weight 5.24 oz.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I paired this reducer/flattener with my AT80ED f/7 scope to bring the focal length down to 448mm at f/5.6. This gives my scope extra speed and a wider FoV for imaging large objects like the Andromeda Galaxy etc. I tried it out with my OGMA AP26MC monochrome APS-C 28.3mm sensor and am very happy with the performance! I am able to image luminance using short sub exposures without even needing guiding (ZWO AM5 tracking only). I saw minimal vignetting in two corners that I corrected with the free GraXpert AI gradient removal tool and didn't even bother shooting flats! Stars are round throughout the center, but I could probably add another 0.5mm spacer in my imaging train to improve the very far corners even more. Barely noticeable after using StarNet++ as the starfield is stretched less and separately than the galaxy/nebula.

I love how the combination of this rig allows me to image even on windy nights with poor seeing or for the larger wide-field targets. I do recommend using a UV/IR cut filter as the very blue UV light and very red IR light could potentially bloat your stars a bit especially if you are doing longer exposures. Using any sort of narrowband filters (even the lower cost 12nm dual band etc) remove this problem completely, and in my opinion remove the need for more expensive APO triplets!

This scope and reducer/flattener give good results when used properly, and in my opinion are a *great* value for beginner and intermediate level imagers.

Results: (Posted on 10/10/2023)
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