Astro-Tech Vixen-Style dovetail rail for mounting accessories on Astro-Tech AT6RC 6" RC


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This Astro-Tech 12.75" Vixen-style dovetail rail mounts on top of an Astro-Tech AT6RC 6" Ritchey-Chrétien astrograph to let you mount accessories (such as a photoguide scope) on top of the scope . . .
Our Product #: AT6SDP

Product Description

This 12.75" long Astro-Tech accessory dovetail rail mounts on top of the Astro-Tech AT6RC 6" Ritchey-Chrétien astrograph using existing holes in the scope's front and rear cells. The Vixen-style accessory rail duplicates the mounting rail under the AT6RC body and lets you mount optional accessories on top of the AT6RC. For example, you might install photoguide rings such as the #ATVR90, #ATVR110, or #ATVR125 for guiding the AT6RC during astrophotography using your own short focal length photoguide refractor.

The underside of the dovetail rail is curved to match the curvature of the AT6RC body for a solid installation. The rail has two unthreaded and countersunk 5.5mm diameter mounting holes at each end. The holes are spaced to match the spacing of the two Philips-head screws at the 12 o'clock positions in the front and rear cells of the AT6RC that help to hold the cells to the optical tube body.

The accessory dovetail rail is installed by removing the two screws at the 12 o'clock position from the front and rear cells of the AT6RC. There are a total of six screws in each of the front and rear cells, so the top pairs can be removed without any risk. Attach the accessory dovetail rail to the AT6RC using the newly exposed screw holes and the new flat head Philips-head screws supplied with the dovetail rail. Tighten the new screws firmly and you're done.

In addition to the photoguide ring sets listed above, any other optional adapter designed to fit a Vixen-style dovetail (such as the Astro-Tech #ATVA and the Losmandy #VA) can be used to mount accessories on the top of the AT6RC.

The dovetail rail is precision-machined of aluminum stock. It measures 12.75" long x 65mm wide at its widest point. It is anodized dark black for durability and to match the trim color of the AT6RC. It weighs one pound.

Tech Details

Weight 1 lb.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
Purchased Sept 2018. The Vixen rail shown in the photograph is not the one I received. My box contained a simple rail with two radius blocks, similar to the type sold by ADM. The rail has two long countersunk slots (a nice feature) and a 1/4"-20 threaded hole in the center. There are 4 bolts to attach the radius blocks to the OTA, 4 bolts to connect the rail to the radius blocks, and two hex wrenches. I purchased the rail to mount accessories, but the system might be strong enough to hold an OTA on a mount. Attaching the rail only took a few minutes. Mine is red, so if you want black you better call, as I saw no menu choice.
(Posted on 1/14/2019)
Review by:
I needed a mounting rail to attach a guide scope to my GSO 6" RC. This fit perfectly! It's well made, the machining is clean, and it fits the tube like a glove. Delivery was FAST! Recommended! (Posted on 12/5/2018)
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