Astro-Tech Vixen-Style mounting bracket for Astro-Tech multiple reticle finder


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This Astro-Tech mounting stalk lets you use the Astro-Tech multiple reticle finder with many Vixen/Celestron/Orion-style refractors or reflectors . . .
Our Product #: ATFBV

Product Description

The Astro-Tech #ATFBV is a single-piece mounting stalk for the Astro-Tech #ATF multiple reticle finder that will let you mount the finder directly into a Vixen/Celestron/Orion-style finder mounting shoe.

The bottom of the mounting stalk has a V-shaped base that is 30mm wide at its widest point. This will let it fit into the finder mounting bracket provided with most of the refractor and reflector telescopes from the above manufacturers. It lets you replace the inexpensive plastic single red dot finders and small refractor-type finders with the more flexible illuminated multiple reticle patterns of the Astro-Tech #ATF finder.

The top of the mounting stalk has narrow V-shaped ridges that the #ATF finder body clamps onto in order to lock the finder in place.

Tech Details

Weight 2 oz.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
Simple to attach. Very solid. For quite a while I took the multi-reticle "gun sight" off after viewing. It maintained alignment just perfectly. Now I just leave it attached to the shoe in my 4" refractor's focuser holding along the multi-reticle finder. Aligned it once and it's stayed dead on through many transports and set ups. Did have one issue and I don't know if it was the shoe locking screw being too short or the dovetail being just the tiniest bit narrow. Used a piece of clear double-stick tape to attach a little slice of plastic from a milk bottle to the screw side face of the dovetail and it holds nice and tightly now. (Posted on 11/3/2020)
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