Celestron 10X50mm UpClose G2 porro prism


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This Celestron 10 x 50mm UpClose G2 is a very inexpensive high power porro
prism binocular with a surprisingly wide field of view for such a high power that makes it
ideal for watching football and sports, for vacation travel, for family
picnics and week-end trips, and more . . .
Our Product #: UC1050
Celestron Product #: 71256

Product Description

This second generation Celestron 10 x 50mm UpClose G2 is a surprisingly affordable high power/wide field 10x magnification binocular that will put you right in the middle of the action. It has big 50mm objective lenses that gather a lot of light for bright and clear images, even in low light. This 10x UpClose G2 will get you up close and personal with sporting events, close to the scenery and wildlife on vacation trips or camping, and close up to anything that's far away and likely to stay there.

The 10x50mm UpClose G2 has a very wide 6.8° field of view (354' at 1000 yards) that's rare in a big 10x binocular. It has fast focusing that lets you keep fast-moving action sharply in view. The 10x UpClose G2 is rubber armored for a comfortable grip and is weather-resistant to shrug off the occasional summer shower (although it is not waterproof). Its 50mm diameter fully coated BK7 optics gather substantial amounts of light, giving it a very high twilight factor of 22.36, well above the twilight factor of 17 recommended for use in the low light of twilight or under overcast skies.

The close focus is 23', making it marginal for use in backyard birding or close-in observing. Usable eye relief is 12mm, so there will be some vignetting for those who must wear eyeglasses while observing. With an aluminum body and a weight of only 27 oz., light for a 50mm binocular, this UpClose G2 is easy to handhold for long periods. Overall, this is a surprisingly affordable high power/wide field binocular for those who want to get very close to the action without spending a fortune.

Features of this binocular . . .

  • Porro prism optics. Traditional porro prism design using BK7 prisms. Center focus.
  • Fully coated optics. The optics are treated on all air-to-glass surfaces with antireflection coatings for good light transmission.Critical optical surfaces are multicoated.
  • Weather resistant. Sealed to resist showers and inclement weather, although not designed to be fully waterproof and fogproof.
  • Armor. Black rubber armor absorbs noise and shock and provides a good grip when wet. Molded-in ridges for a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Roll-down eyecups. The rubber-rimmed eyecups roll down for eyeglass or sunglass use.
  • Close focusing. Focuses to 23', making it marginally suitable for close-in observing.
  • Fast focusing. About one turn of the large ribbed focus knob moves from the 23' close focus out to the horizon so you can keep track of fast-moving action.
  • Rotary diopter correction. A variable diopter ring on the right eyepiece allows you to match the binocular optics precisely to your individual eyesight for a sharp image.
  • Tripod adaptable. For extended no-hands observing, a protective cover on the center hinge unscrews, revealing a 1/4"-10 thread hole for mounting the binocular on an optional photo tripod using an optional tripod adapter. While the 10x50mm UpClose G2 is light enough at 30 ounces to hand-hold, for example at sporting events, the use of a tripod will make for sharper shake-free images during extended observing periods.
  • Standard accessories. A neck strap, eyepiece and lens covers, and a soft nylon carrying case with shoulder strap are standard equipment.
  • Tech Details

    Armored Yes
    Close Focus 23'
    Exit Pupil 5mm
    Eye Relief 12mm
    Field of view 6.8
    Field of view 1000 yards 354'
    Height 6.6"
    Interpupillary Distance 56-72mm
    Optical Type Porro Prism
    Relative Brightness 25
    Twilight Factor 22.36
    Weight 27 oz.
    Warranty Limited Lifetime


    Review by:
    I bought inexpensive ($25-29) Celestron 10x50 binoculars as a gift for my brother 10-12 years ago. He still has them and likes them. I checked them out before I shipped them to him, and and found them outstanding for the price. My husband and I own Canon 15x50 ISB's and 18x50 ISB's, Orion 20x80's (must be mounted), and Orion 10x50's (our first binos, one pair each, purchased for $75 about 20 years ago). I repeat, for the money, these Celestron "intro-binos" are a great value. That said, I'm ordering a couple more pairs today for outreach (lending to friends and neighbors. Should the optics somehow become damaged, I'm not out that much) . I'm trusting the Celestron trade name, that these 10x50's are pretty much the same as the ones I ordered years ago. I think they're GREAT for rank beginners, for kids strong enough to hold them (or to support their elbows on something solid), and for lending! (Posted on 7/8/2020)
    Review by:
    10x50 binos might be my favorite balance of portability and aperture. The wide field of view makes for some incredible views of clusters and some brighter deep sky objects (Andromeda has an extra nice 'pop' the first time you see it in binos). You might eventually upgrade from these, but you'll probably always keep them on hand just in case. (Posted on 12/28/2018)
    Review by:
    I got these binoculars along with my first telescope, to help me learn the skies. I enjoyed them so much that many nights I ended up just using the binoculars and left the telescope alone. I still remember when I first found Orion's great nebula. Since my first telescope was a narrow-view Maksutov (C90) on a manual mount, I would have had much more trouble finding things had I not gotten binoculars.
    Two years, 5 telescopes and numerous eyepieces later, when use these binos I can see the optical flaws in them. I'm more aware of off-axis aberrations, and more critical of the look of stars, so now I realize that these are not the best for "critical observing" of the sky (there are more expensive ED glass binos for that), but I'm still glad I got these and still use them as navigation aids.
    I also have the 7x35 UpCloseG2, and while this 10x50 is a little harder to hand-hold, the extra aperture makes it better to contemplate constellations since fainter stars become visible. (Posted on 11/15/2018)
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    Supplied Accessories

    Soft case, neck strap, lens and eyepiece covers.