Celestron 7mm 1.25" 82º Luminos


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This sharp 7mm Celestron Luminos eyepiece has a wide and flat 82° field of view for "picture window" views, even at very high powers . . .
Our Product #: CL8207
Celestron Product #: 93430

Product Description

This exceptional Celestron 7mm Luminos short focal length ultra wide field eyepiece uses seven optical elements for optimized performance across a very wide 82° field of view. The Celestron Luminos is a good choice for flat field fast focal ratio refractors. With these scopes, it combines a reasonably high magnification with a very wide field of view for observing globular clusters and the more compact open clusters and nebulas. With long focal length flat field scopes, such as the Celestron EdgeHD models, it provides high magnification for splitting closely spaced binaries, along with a dark sky background to help compact galaxies and nebular remnants reveal themselves.

You can use the calculator below to see just how wide the field will be with your particular telescope. For example, it will give you a 0.71° field (nearly one and a half lunar diameters) at 116x with a 4" f/8 refractor like the Takahashi TSA-102S triplet apo. With an 8" f/10 Celestron EdgeHD scope, it will give you a 0.28° field (still over half the diameter of the full moon) at a stout 286x magnification.

Tech Details

Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Relief 12mm
Field of view 82
Focal Length 7mm
Number of optical elements 7
Weight 12 oz.
Warranty 2 years


Review by:
Quality optic at a great price. Very happy with this eyepiece. (Posted on 10/17/2019)
Review by:
I realized my beginner eyepieces were not allowing me to view objects the same as I saw when looking through my friends telescopes. They loaned me their eyepieces and suddenly I could see objects through my telescope that just were there with my eyepieces. Searching eyepieces to upgrade to, I discovered the Luminos series of eyepieces. They were within my price range and I took a chance and bought a 7mm and a 15mm. Good decision! I'm seeing MUCH better through my scope. I suspect there's better eyepieces, but these are good and affordable! I'm very happy with them! (Posted on 9/13/2019)
Review by:
I mainly use this eyepiece when looking at planetary observation and perhaps sometimes when viewing the larger scale globular clusters but not all the time, it depends on my viewing location. This is a great upgrade from the normal provided sirius plossl eyepieces and (Posted on 12/28/2018)
Review by:
Really nice eyepiece! I use mine for planetary viewing, but also for fine centering and recalibration. Works great! (Posted on 10/7/2018)
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