Celestron equatorial wedge for Celestron NexStar SE 6/8 and NexStar Evolution SCTs


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This Celestron #93665 equatorial wedge turns the altazimuth mount of the Celestron NexStar Evolution and NexStar SE 6/8 telescopes into an equatorial mount for long-exposure astrophotography.
Our Product #: 93665
Celestron Product #: 93665

Product Description

The Celestron NexStar SE and Evolution single-arm altazimuth telescopes are great for casual short-exposure lunar and planetary photography. However, you need to convert the NexStar altazimuth mount into an equatorial mount if you want to take longer exposure deep space images, or to advance further in astrophotography and use an autoguider. 

While a NexStar scope's altazimuth drive keeps objects centered in the field of view for short photographic exposures, the longer exposures needed to record faint deep space objects (like nebulas and galaxies) cause the objects to rotate slightly in the field of view. This causes blurred images, with the stars showing as short streaks, rather than points. Adding this Celestron #93665 equatorial wedge to your NexStar tilts the scope to point at the celestial pole, allowing the mount to follow the stars without field rotation. This eliminates star-streaking and sharpens the image.

This Celestron #93665 die-cast and machined equatorial wedge is designed to make life easier for beginner to intermediate planetary and deep space imagers. It was specifically tailored to the NexStar Evolution and NexStar SE's size and styling. The #93665 wedge weighs only 15 pounds, yet can support 36 pounds of telescope. It works with the NexStar 6SE and 8SE, as well as the NexStar Evolution 6, 8, and 9.25 models. 

The #93665 wedge is usable over a latitude range of 0° to 70°. It has captive hardware, tool-less operation, and comes complete with the hex keys you need to set it up for your observing location. It adjusts easily under load and has a sturdy latitude adjustment screw with an easy-to-read scale and an integrated bubble level.
This Celestron #93665 equatorial wedge will unlock the full imaging potential of your NexStar Evolution or NexStar SE 6/8 telescope.

Tech Details

Weight 15 lbs.
Warranty 2 years


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This is a great way to Astrophatography for your Evolution mount. (Posted on 11/4/2018)
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