Astrozap Celestron 14" SCT, flexible black plastic

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This flexible plastic rollup dew shield/lens shade fits 14" Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes . . .
Our Product #: 19514
Astrozap Product #: AZ-114-C

Product Description

The Astrozap dew shield/lens shade is made of lightweight, flexible, and durable black ABS plastic, lined with black felt to absorb both moisture and light.

Simply wrap the Astrozap around the optical tube's front cell. The ends of the dew shield overlap and Velcro strips on the overlapping ends hold it firmly closed in a tubular shape. The Velcro closures are sewn in place for durability. A two-inch rubber trim inside the dew shield clasps the telescope optical tube front cell snugly to prevent any slippage of the dew shield during use.

Storage is easy. You can roll the Astrozap up like a newspaper and fasten it with a rubber band or string to stand out of the way in the back of a closet when not in use. Alternatively, you can store it open and flat in the top of your telescope carrying case or standing on end out of the way in the back of a closet.

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


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