Celestron PowerTank Lithium 7 Amp-hour 12V DC rechargeable battery


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The Celestron PTL12V Power Tank Lithium rechargeable battery pack uses new technology for a lighter, more compact, less maintenance portable 12VDC battery to power your telescope in the field for up to 10 hours.
Our Product #: PTL12V
Celestron Product #: 18771

Product Description

The Celestron 7 amp-hour Power Tank Lithium is a high-power, high-performance, portable battery pack that will power, charge, and illuminate all your astronomical observing and imaging sessions.
The Celestron PTL12V Power Tank Lithium uses new Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) chemistry. This yields a smaller and lighter portable power pack than conventional sealed lead-acid batteries. The Celestron Litium holds its charge longer and requires less routine maintenance than a traditional sealed lead-acid design.

The high capacity 7Ah Celestron Lithium battery will run a telescope for up to 10 hours via its 12V DC outlet. It has two 2 5V USB ports (1.0 and 2.1 Amps) for charging your personal electronic devices (iPad, iPhone, etc).

There is a large LED panel in the side of the battery with your choice of red or white light, each with two brightness levels, for all your illumination needs.

A large 2" strap allows you to secure the battery to the leg of your telescope tripod to make transport easier. A removable secondary strap allows you to hang the battery in a vertical or horizontal position from just about anywhere on your scope.

Tech Details

Weight 3.7 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I bought this for my CGEM a couple of years ago. I have never gotten more than 2-3 hours of power from mine with the CGEM, I'm using the POWERTANK for a bright red area lamp as needed at dark sites. My XTPower XT-20000QC2 powerbrick will run the CGEM for 20 hours easily! I'm sure my unit is defective, but I would not purchase another. (Posted on 10/31/2019)
Review by:
Quick charge and holds charge.
While lower Ah than, e.g., the 17Ah PowerTank, it has more >useable< power: i.e., you can run it lower without damage and while maintaining a high voltage.
Straps nicely to tripod leg.

Lot's of astro gear assumes a cigarette lighter power receptacle: this device has none.
You can only power through one of a barrel connector or a USB port, but not both simultaneously. [You can only draw power through one receptacle outlet at a time and none of the outlets can handle the power requirements for both a drive and dew strips]
Bright(!) blue power lights?
Incredibly bright(!!) white flood light if you hit the wrong button to turn the thing on. (Posted on 8/14/2019)
Review by:
Purchased the PowerTank for bth my Advanced GT and Advanced VX mounts - have no problem with running on either mount. Comes with a cary strap (that is detachable) and a velcro strap that allows you to strap onto one of the legs on your mount. Power cable is very long, and the PowerTank has two USB outlets to charge devices like a phone or iPad. Has a red/white light (both are bright, so use with caution) that have two modes.

If your looking for portable power that is lightweight and affordable, the PowerTank is the one to go with. (Posted on 1/5/2019)
Review by:
I've had this Lithium Powertank for over a year now. It has gotten me through quite a few nights of casual observing in the field - mostly on Cub Scout trips - with my Celestron AVX. I haven't tried to do any imaging with it since there aren't enough USB ports to power all my gear (running just a dSLR on its own battery should be fine)... so I recently purchased a Lithium Powertank Pro as supplemental power. I also love the large red light since it keeps people aware of the surroundings at night when groups are present. (Posted on 12/27/2018)
Review by:
I use this power supply when I observe from locations other than my home. I also use it for keeping my iPad charged and powering the TEMPest cooling fans on my EdgeHD 800. I like how it has 2 levels of brightness for the Red and while lights. Never had an issue with it... even in the cold. (Posted on 12/24/2018)
Review by:
Used this power supply during imaging sessions of Andromeda, Triangulum and the pleades from Jones Beach long island. This was able to power a AVX mount for the 6 hours I was imaging. I still had a little power to spare. Was impressed with the longevity of the tank for sure. This Power Tank will keep your mount powered on for long AP sessions easily. Highly recommended if you need portable power. (Posted on 10/28/2018)
Review by:
Power supply lasts all nite powering my mount and camera. (Posted on 10/26/2018)
Review by:
What I like: does its job very well, provides ample power to the standard mount for many hours of observation. And it's within the limits for carry-on baggage (important to me, as I need to travel internationally to reach dark sites).

What I don't like: the indicator lights on to of the device are all blue LEDs ... perfect for destroying your night vision! The lack of a 12V car battery adapter port (common on many portable power supplies) is also a miss.

Luckily, Celestron addressed these shortcomings with the Power Tank Lithium Pro - highly recommend that you spend a little more and buy that model instead! (Posted on 10/17/2018)
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