Celestron PowerTank Lithium Pro 12V DC rechargeable battery

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Extra-large capacity portable power pack featuring Celestron’s LiFePO4 battery technology
Powers your telescope for up to 17 hours
Features 2 USB ports for charging other devices, plus a 12V car battery adapter port
LED light panel provides bright white or red LED illumination for up to 25 hours
Perfect for astronomy, camping, emergency kits, anywhere you need portable power
Meets current FAA regulations for carry-on baggage

Our Product #: PTL17V
Celestron Product #: 18768

Product Description

The Celestron Extra Large Power Tank Lithium Pro is a high-power, high-performance, portable battery pack that will power, charge, and illuminate all your astronomical observing and imaging sessions.  This Pro version has twice the battery capacity of the orginal.  
The Celestron PTL17V Power Tank Lithium uses new Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) chemistry. This yields a smaller and lighter portable power pack than conventional sealed lead-acid batteries. The Celestron Litium holds its charge longer and requires less routine maintenance than a traditional sealed lead-acid design.
The high capacity Celestron Lithium Pro battery will run a telescope for up to 17 hours via its 12V DC outlet. It has two 2 5V USB ports (1.0 and 2.1 Amps) for charging your personal electronic devices (iPad, iPhone, etc).
There is a large LED panel in the side of the battery with your choice of red or white light, each with two brightness levels, for all your illumination needs.
A large 2" strap allows you to secure the battery to the leg of your telescope tripod to make transport easier. A removable secondary strap allows you to hang the battery in a vertical or horizontal position from just about anywhere on your scope.
PowerTank Lithium Pro can also travel with you on your next vacation. At 158.74 Wh, it meets current FAA regulations (160Wh) from transportation in your carry-on baggage.  Please check in advance with your airline to verify they do not have stricter policies.
PowerTank Lithium Pro’s LiFePO4 chemistry holds up to 2000 charge cycles and has an un-recharged shelf life up to 10 years. That means you won’t have to remember to recharge your battery every few months like with a sealed lead acid battery. Its large, 17-hour capacity and lack of maintenance make PowerTank Lithium Pro the ideal choice for an emergency kit. Store one in your home, your garage, and even your office.

Tech Details

Weight 3.7 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


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