Celestron StarSense auto alignment system for Sky-Watcher mounts


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The Celestron/Sky-Watcher StarSense #94006 automatically aligns your computerized Sky-Watcher mount on the sky to save you set-up time.
Our Product #: 94006
Celestron Product #: 94006

Product Description

Before StarSense, using a Sky-Watcher computerized mount required an often lengthy alignment process of identifying, finding, and accurately centering at least two bright stars in your telescope's eyepiece. But with the Celestron/Sky-Watcher StarSense #94006, you simply turn on your Sky-Watcher mount. 

The Celestron/Sky-Watcher StarSense automatically identifies the appropriate stars and aligns your Sky-Watcher mount on the sky. It only takes about three minutes for the StarSense to get you ready for go-to observing of the more than 40,000 celestial objects in its database.

The Celestron/Sky-Watcher StarSense #94006 replaces your Sky-Watcher mount's SynScan hand control with a Celestron StarSense hand control and StarSense camera. The StarSense camera comes with two mounting brackets that are compatible with most Celestron and Sky-Watcher optical tubes. 

When you turn the StarSense #94006 on, the camera automatically moves the scope to take a series of images of different parts of the sky. Using up to 10 stars as reference points, StarSense compares those images against its internal database of over 40,000 celestial objects. It uses the images to identify star patterns to determine your telescope's position in relation to the sky so the StarSense hand control can take you on your nightly sight-seeing tour of the heavens.

The StarSense camera and hand control plug into a supplied interface box that is strapped to one of the mount's tripod legs. The interface box plugs into your mount's hand control port. The interface box supports the StarSense and an optional GPS accessory, such as the Celestron SkySync. The lightweight interface box is easy to attach using the included tripod strap.

The Celestron/Sky-Watcher StarSense #94006 is compatible with Sky-Watcher mounts HEQ5, EQ6, AZ-EQ5, AZ-EQ6, EQ8, and all AZ SynScan compatible mounts. 

The Celestron/Sky-Watcher StarSense comes with a StarSense hand control, the StarSense Camera with both large and small mounting brackets and a lens cap, a cable for connecting the camera to your mount, and the interface box.

Tech Details

Weight 3 lbs.
Warranty 2 years


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I just do a quick polar alignment with a polar scope, turn star sense on and let it do it's thing for about 4 or 5 minutes and I'm ready to observe. (Posted on 7/22/2019)
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