Dew-Resistant Messier Card


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This 12" x 9" dew-resistant quick-reference sky chart will guide you to all 109 Messier objects, some of the best-known (although not always easiest to find) deep sky objects . . .
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Product Description

This 12" x 9" quick-reference sky chart shows the location of all 109 Messier objects on the front, a great help for binocular astronomers. It tabulates their epoch 2000.0 coordinates, sizes, apparent visual magnitudes, type, constellation, common names, and NGC/IC catalog numbers on the back for telescope astronomers with equatorial and go-to mounts. It also contains notes on the best sequence to use to observe a Messier marathon. It is made of heavy-gauge synthetic stock, not paper, that has been treated to be dew resistant so it will give you years of use out in the field. (And you'll find you will be using this handy guide often, not just when Messier marathon time rolls around.)

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Weight 2 oz.
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Used one of these to complete the Messier catalogue and its been part of my standard equipment for 20 years. I'm surprised I don't see more of these around and I've given away a few as gifts. Never met anyone who didn't they they were useful. (Posted on 10/31/2019)
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