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This Konus digital camera adapter allows you to do photography with your spotting scope using a digital (point and shoot-type) camera . . .
Our Product #: KDCA
Konus Product #: 1300

Product Description

This Konus universal digital camera adapter lets you do high magnification afocal (through your spotting scope eyepiece) nature and bird photography. It turns your spotting scope into a supertelephoto lens for digiscoping with those cameras that have non-removable lenses, which normally can't be used for photography with a spotting scope. The 11.5 ounce Konus adapter works with most straight-through and 45° angled spotting scopes. The Konus adapter also works with most astronomical telescopes using 1.25" eyepieces for very high power lunar and planetary astrophotography.

Prefocus your spotting scope on your subject by eye before putting on the adapter. The Konus adapter has a six-sided jaw that clamps firmly onto your spotting scope eyepiece. It will fit eyepieces up to 43mm (1-5/8") in outer diameter. Behind the jaw is a platform to which your camera is bolted using the camera's standard 1/4"-20 thread tripod mounting hole. The platform has two slots for the supplied camera attachment bolt. Use whichever slot comes closest to putting the camera lens directly behind the eyepiece.

The camera platform has micrometer adjustment knobs to adjust it up or down and right or left. These adjustments allow you to center your camera lens precisely on the optical axis (center line) of the spotting scope eyepiece and lock it in place. This assures that your eyepiece image fully covers the camera's imaging chip with no vignetting.

The camera's autofocus mechanism focuses the camera sharply on the high power image you've already prefocused in the scope by eye before putting on the adapter. You can also zoom in and out on the eyepiece image using your camera's zoom controls for a closer or wider angle view. The photographic magnification and field of view will vary, depending on the spotting scope, the magnification of the scope's eyepiece, the digital camera used, and the zoom setting of the camera lens. The magnification will be quite high in any case, since you are multiplying the magnification of the spotting scope by the magnification of the camera's zoom, so a very sturdy photo tripod to hold your spotting scope steady is essential.

Once the adapter is centered on your eyepiece, you won't have to readjust it if you take the camera and Konus adapter off your scope for visual use. Simply loosen the knob that tightens the jaw and slip the entire camera/adapter assembly off the eyepiece. When you're ready to take pictures again, slip the entire assembly back on the eyepiece, tighten the jaw on the eyepiece, and you're once again aligned and ready to shoot.

When the camera is set at the extreme wide angle end of its zoom range, there may be some vignetting of the image (the image will be round and framed in black, rather than rectangular). In such cases, zoom out slightly to eliminate the vignetting.

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Weight 11.5 oz.


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