Dual ring tube holder for TOA-150, with bridge

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This pair of die cast tube rings with connecting bridge are used for mounting a Takahashi TOA-150 refractor on an equatorial mount . . .
Our Product #: 150TH
Takahashi Product #: TFK1510

Product Description

This set of die cast tube rings is for mounting the 5.9" Takahashi TOA-150 refractor on an equatorial mount, although it can also be used for any other scope with a 179mm tube diameter. The rings are connected by a die cast metal bridge that bolts to the top of the rings. The dual rings/bridge combination offers extra rigidity when compared to the single tube holder used on smaller Takahashi refractors. The bridge is drilled and tapped to hold accessories, such as a photoguide mount.

The rings have two mounting bolts in the flat boss on the underside of each ring for connection to a mounting plate, which in turn bolts to your mount. An example of such a plate would be the Takahashi #TCP0001 cross plate which allows you to mount the TOA-150 on a Takahashi NJP mount. You can also use a dovetail from another mount, providing it can accommodate rings that have two holes for mounting bolts on each ring on 100mm centers.

The rings are felt-lined; hinged, with large hand-tighten locking knobs; and are textured and finished in Takahashi green paint.

Tech Details

Warranty 5 years


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