Encoders ordered with new 7" mount

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These Questar digital setting circle encoders can be factory-installed at the
Questar factory when a new 7" Questar telescope fork mount is ordered . . .

Our Product #: 29550s
Questar Product #: 29550s

Product Description

These digital setting circle encoders can be factory-installed in a new 7" Questar fork mount/drive base if ordered at the same time the drive base is ordered. They are used in conjunction with an optional computer hand control, such as the JMI MAX or SUPER MAX, to provide a computerized aiming system that can lead you to more than 12,000 small and faint celestial objects. They do not provide a go-to system to move the scope for you, but merely a digital readout of the scope's position and a series of indicator lights that show you in what direction and how far to manually move the scope yourself to find any of the chosen objects in the computer hand control's memory.

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


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