Explore Scientific 10" Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope Generation II


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Enjoy the heavens with this large, yet portable, Explore Scientific 10" Truss Dobsonian.
Our Product #: ES10D
Explore Scientific Product #: DOB1045-00
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Product Description

No telescope type has changed the hobby quite as much as the Dobsonian Telescope. Before the popularization of John Dobson's altazimuth mount design with low center of gravity combined with a Newtonian optical assembly, the vast majority of amateur telescopes consisted of small telescopes with small mounts - which made them difficult to use for serious deep sky observations by beginners. Large commercial telescopes could certainly do the job but were relatively expensive. The ingenious combination of simple yet effective mechanisms with big-aperture Newtonian optics gives the Dobsonian Telescope worldwide popularity, and this telescope design typically offers the largest aperture per dollar of any telescope type.

Disassembly of the scope without tools ensures a trouble-free transport of this great scope even in very small cars. The entire structure has been optimized for maximum stiffness with minimal weight. The combination of large altitude bearings with optimized metal structural design allows fine and smooth adjustment, even at higher magnifications.The ideal workhorse for the deep sky observers.

A 254mm aperture mirror collects more than 1,500 times as much light as the naked eye. Details on planets and deep sky objects will be visible even for inexperienced observers. Many star clusters are resolved to the core, spiral structure in distant galaxies is visible, and the complex matrix of bright and dark nebulae are an unforgettable experience. Oversize altitude (16.5-inch with adjustable clutch) and azimuth (13-inch) bearings allow for smooth operation. Easy-to-adjust collimation mechanisms for primary and secondary mirrors require no additional tools and only one person is a unique feature of this design.

Tech Details

Aperture 10"
Focal Length 1270mm
Focal Ratio f/5
Heaviest Single Component 44.5
Weight 59.3
Optical Coatings Aluminum with Quartz Overcoat
Telescope Type Reflector
View Finder Iluminated Red Dot
Visual Limiting Magnitude 14.7
Warranty 1 year, extendable to lifetime


Review by:
I purchased this telescope a few months ago and I just wanna say WOW! This is my first time owning a dobsonian, and it's my first "big" telescope. My friend has the apertura 10" dob, and that's what made me start saving for one. This one has a brighter image compared to the apertura, Also I find it all around easier to use as well.

For eyepieces I have an Explore Scientific 68 degree 24mm, Orion Stratus 17 & 13mm, Meade UWA 5.5, and a televue 2x barlow. It took me a while to arrive at this setup, but believe me, if you get this telescope, you NEED good eyepieces as it will make very apparant the flaws of cheaper eyepieces. I started out with a set of 5 GSO superwides, and while the views were enjoyable, they were full of flaws the more you would observe. This telescope allows you to see MORE! Including flaws in lesser eyepieces so get good ones. You won't regret it.

The action of the dob mount is great. I saw a really good youtube video reviewing this dob in the 12" size from dakotastarrynights. In the video he has an overall enjoyable experience with the scope except for having issues with the mirror box and altitude bearing. He had the 1st gen. Since the 2nd gen it seems Explore Scientific has addressed all the problems associated with the 1st gen. My gen II is SMOOTH and accurate. No issues with slack or rough spots. With my heavier eyepieces (which you will need) I had to buy the counterweights. I also bought a small portable power station/jump starter to hook to the fans instead of individual AA batteries. Works perfectly.

This thing packs down really small as well. I wouldn't call it ultralight, but ultra compact. It's really well made so it's gonna have some weight.

Now I have a setup to last for decades of breathtaking views of the heavens!! (Posted on 11/6/2018)
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Supplied Accessories

Two-Speed 2-inch Rack & Pinion Focuser with 1.25-inch Adapter; LED Red Dot Finder, Collimation Assist Tool; Flexible Light Weight Light Baffle; Two Primary Mirror Fans with Battery Pack; Instructions