Explore Scientific 62° 26mm 1.25" Waterproof Eyepiece


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Explore Scientific Waterproof Eyepieces - Comfort, Quality, Value. 
Our Product #: ES6226
Explore Scientific Product #: EPWP6226LE-01
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Product Description

Explore Scientific Waterproof Eyepieces - Comfort, Quality, Value. The Explore Scientific 62° Series™ eyepieces are excellent flat-field multi-element oculars that can transform your visual astronomy experience. With an apparent field of view of 62 degrees and near par focal design, these eyepieces offer incredible value in a very nice eyepiece. 

Another great benefit of these eyepieces is the excellent contrast and ease with which you can gaze, not directly at an object, but slightly to either side. This skill, called using averted vision, is especially helpful when observing faint objects, because using averted vision puts the image on a part of your eye that is more sensitive to light, allowing you to see fainter images.

Tech Details

Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Relief 19.3mm
Field of view 62°
Field Stop 27.3mm
Focal Length 26mm
Weight 8.2 ozs
Warranty Limited Lifetime


Review by:
I bought the full 62 degree kit and this 26 is one of my favorites from the series. The eyepiece provides a nice flat field of view and allows for great viewing of large open star clusters like the Bee Hive and Wild Duck Cluster. This eyepiece has been in use now for almost 2 years and it works and looks as good today as it did when I purchased it. The nice thing about Explore Scientific eyepieces is they are well respected and don't loos a lot of value. If you ever decided to trade in or up you can get ~ 80% of your money back. One last comment, I did try a couple of 100 degree eyepieces and sold them before purchasing the 62 degree set. I was happy to get a full set versus the high cost of the a single 100 degree eyepiece. Clear skies!!! (Posted on 10/19/2019)
Review by:
The 26mm ES62 is not perfect, but it has numerous excellent qualities. It is comfortable with no blackouts. It provides a very clean, black sky background and pinpoint sharp central field stars. In a 120mm f/7.5 APO it is sharp to the outer 25% of the field and the falloff in the outer field does not result in streaked star lines. This eyepiece is particularly spectacular with open clusters and rich star fields. (Posted on 1/13/2019)
Review by:
This eyepiece has a bright presentation and very nice eye relief. Field center is very sharp, edge of field less so. Compared to it's brother, the ES 24/68, the 26/62 is not as good at the field edge, but oh so comfortable to use plus better eye relief and lighter too! (Posted on 1/13/2019)
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