Explore Scientific 8 x 50mm straight-through illuminated crosshair finderscope


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This Explore Scientific 8x50mm illuminated crosshair reticle straight-through finder provides erect and right-reading images. 
Our Product #: ES850SIL
Explore Scientific Product #: VFEI0850-01

Product Description

This straight-though illuminated Explore Scientific 8 x 50mm finderscope uses an image-erecting amici prism to give you images that are correctly oriented (upright and right-reading). Star patterns in the finder are seen exactly the way you see them on star charts and with your bare eye. This makes star-hopping from object to object when using the finder easier than with a conventional finderscope's mirror-image or inverted view.

The Explore Scientific finder's large 50mm aperture has a limiting magnitude of 11, fainter than the stars on any commercial star chart, making it easy for you to locate faint nebulas and galaxies. The field of view is a generous 6 degrees wide. The illuminated reticle of the finder has crosshairs with scale markings and an open center that not only helps you center objects precisely, but lets you judge the exact field of view in degrees.

The finder weighs 15.9 ounces, including its standard equipment finder bracket. The bracket fits into the dovetail shoe mounted on all Explore Scientific scopes that do not have a finder as standard equipment. An optional mounting shoe is available for installing the finder on a scope from another manufacturer. The finder body is aluminum, with a black anodized aluminum lens cell and diagonal.

Rotating the eyecup of the supplied illuminated crosshair reticle eyepiece focuses the crosshairs of the reticle to match your eyesight, while a separate ribbed ring at the front of the finder body focuses the objective. The brightness of the Explore Scientific 8 x 50mm finder's reticle is controlled by a variable brightness knob on the cordless illuminator, which also serves as the illuminator's on/off switch. The illuminator's deep red illumination will not disturb your dark adapted vision.  

Tech Details

Weight 15.9 oz.
Warranty 1 year, extendable to lifetime


Review by:
Been using this excellent 8x50 finder lately on my AT102ED refractor and It provides sharp wide field views and with the illuminated crosshair at low setting the object is pinpointed in the unique crosshair system. Simple to set focus and tube body unscrews to allow for convenient mounting in all tube rings that I have used.
The clear anodized coating matches the grey trim well on the AT 102ED also. A well constructed high qualith finder. (Posted on 9/26/2019)
Review by:
This a definite upgrade over the stock ES finders and has very good quality optics. The illuminated crosshair is easy to use and adjust. I'd prefer metal adjustment screws, but the included spring loaded screws actually make fine adjustments quite easy.

I prefer the ergonomics, twist focuser and wider field of the ES RA finder, but that one is significantly more expensive.

Keep in mind the finder base only fits ES and Meade finder shoes. An adapter or new mounting rings are required for other types of finder base. (Posted on 9/1/2019)
Review by:
Nice, clear views come with this finder. The reticle has a nice center circle that lines up pretty well with what a 1000-1200mm focal length OTA would see. It works quite well when coupled with my 127mm APO. The illuminated reticle works well. (Posted on 1/5/2019)
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