Feather Touch 10:1 ratio dual speed manual focuser for the Celestron CPC-925


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This Feather Touch CPC-925 MicroFocuser replaces the standard focus knob on your Celestron CPC-925 or CPC-925 Edge HD for precise manual dual-speed fine focusing.
Our Product #: FT-CPC9
Starlight Instruments Product #: FTM-CPC9.25

Product Description

This Starlight Instruments Feather Touch CPC-9.25 MicroFocuser replaces the standard focus knob on your 9.25" Celestron CPC-925 or CPC-925 Edge HD Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope to provide the smoothest possible manual dual-speed fine focusing control. Although this Feather Touch will not eliminate any image shift already present in your scope, it will greatly improve your ability to hit the focusing "sweet spot" without shaking the tube while you are imaging or observing at high power.

The Feather Touch provides very precise control for both critical CCD imaging focusing and high magnification visual observing. Unlike some heavy add-on rear cell Crayford focusers, its light 5 ounce weight doesn't require a counterweight to keep your tail-heavy scope balanced. The focuser is precision-machined and anodized black with a brass fine-focus knob.

The focuser has two concentric focus knobs. The larger black ribbed outer knob provides standard speed focusing, while the ribbed inner brass knob provides 1/10th-speed fine focusing, making the Feather Touch MicroFocuser extremely accurate. A built-in stop prevents the primary mirror from detaching from the focuser.

The Feather Touch CPC-9.25 MicroFocuser is easily installed in place of the original focus knob on the Celestron CPC925 or CPC925 Edge HD scope only. 

If your telescope is less than a few years old, check the style of the back cell to see of this is the focuser you need. If your telescope rear cell has a flat back, you need the standard C925 MicroFocuser. If your telescope is the Edge HD version, or has a raised triangular pattern on the back, this is the correct version of the focuser for your scope.

Tech Details

Weight 6 oz.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I have owned a number of focusers from stock to motorized, moonlite, feathertouch, you name it. Whether for Visual or Astrophotography, the Feather-Touch will allow you MUCH finer focusing for these applications. Also the image will not jump around nearly as much as with a stock focuser when focusing. For AP it is indispensable, as focus can kill an image even if all other settings are perfect. I own one currently for my 115mm FPL-53 scope from Explore Scientific. My Imaging partner uses this on a c9.25 cassegrain I gave him as a gift. I wouldn't even think to image without it. If you're serious about your imaging, you'll be hard pressed to find one review of any scope where the stock focuser hasn't been replaced with one of better quality. fine Focus is a MUST. The buttery smooth movement and mechanics are worth every penny in my opinion. (Posted on 12/21/2018)
Review by:
I bought this focuser for my C9.25. It is exceptionally smooth. However, after installing it, I realized how good the stock focuser was. This is an obvious upgrade, but the stock focuser on the C9.25 is no slouch.

The only drawback to this focuser (for EQ mounts) is how far out it extends from the back of the telescope. With the stock focuser, you could rotate the diagonal 360 degrees. With the FT, you can only rotate until you bump into the focuser (so - maybe rotate 330 degrees). Definitely not a deal breaker, but something to consider if you like the option of rotating the diagnoal 360 degrees. If you have an Alt-Az mount - this is a non issue. (Posted on 11/6/2018)
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