Tele Vue finderscope adapter block to put Losmandy quick release bracket on TeleVue scopes

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This TeleVue adapter block lets you install an optional Losmandy 50mm quick release bracket and optional 50mm finderscope on any TeleVue refractor . . .
Our Product #: TVFAB
TeleVue Product #: FAB-1008

Product Description

While all Tele Vue finders are of the non-magnifying red dot type, some observers prefer to use a magnifying finder on their TeleVue refractor to help find faint objects that are too dim to be seen with the unaided eye through a red dot finder.

This plastic finderscope adapter block allows you to install an optional Losmandy 50mm quick release bracket, #LQRB, and an optional 50mm finderscope on any TeleVue refractor. The plastic adapter block slips into one of the dovetail grooves cut into each TeleVue tube mounting ring and is securely held in place by hex-head bolts. The Losmandy ring/dovetail combination clamps onto the dovetail built into the top of the adapter block.

One finger-tighten knob locks the finderscope mounting ring dovetail into the adapter block. This allows the finder to be quickly removed so the telescope can be put in its carrying case. The long adapter dovetail surfaces assure that the finder will be accurately collimated when it is reinstalled as the scope is being set up again.

Tech Details

Weight 1 oz
Warranty 5 years


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