Heater strap for 1.25" eyepieces and 50mm finders

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This 1.25" x 6.5" dew heater strip fits 1.25" eyepieces and 50mm finderscope objectives . . .
Our Product #: DHEP1AZ
Astrozap Product #: AZ-701
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Product Description

This 1.25" x 6.5" AstroStrap dew heater strip fits 1.25" eyepieces and binocular objectives with a maximum outer diameter of 62mm. One side of the heater strip is sponge-insulated. This directs the warmth of the heater element into the eyepiece, rather than being lost into the atmosphere, so that less energy is needed to keep your eyepiece moisture free.

The heater strip is wrapped around the eyepiece or objective cell, shiny blue cloth side in. The back of the heater strip is black Velcro. There is a Velcro tab on an elastic strap on one end of the heater strip. When you pull the strap tight and press the tab onto the Velcro back of the heater, the elasticity of the strap holds the heater in place on the eyepiece.

The heater strip draws 0.25 amps at full power (although power consumption at normal operating levels will generally be considerably less). It has a permanently attached 6' power cord terminated by a male RCA plug for connection to the heater control unit.

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Warranty 1 year


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