Tele Vue high hat adapter to use 1.25" eyepieces in 2" focusers, matte satin finish

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This matte satin black adapter allows the use of 1.25" eyepieces in 2" focuser drawtubes and 2" star diagonals . . .
Our Product #: 2715SC
TeleVue Product #: ASF-8125

Product Description

This high hat step-down adapter allows the use of 1.25" eyepieces in 2" focuser drawtubes and 2" star diagonals. The body of the adapter has a non-reflective matte satin black finish. The 2" barrel of the adapter has an undercut groove that the star diagonal/focuser thumbscrew sits in when tightened down. The extra depth of this groove reduces the chance of the adapter falling out of the focuser should the thumbscrew loosen. To keep your eyepieces looking new, 1.25" eyepieces are held in the adapter by a non-marring soft brass clamp ring rather than an ordinary aluminum thumbscrew that contacts the barrel directly. The thumbscrew that tightens the clamp ring is tethered internally in the adapter so that the thumbscrew can't be lost in the field.

This adapter should be used when long 1.25" Barlows are used in a 2" diagonal to lessen the chance of the end of the Barlow touching the diagonal's mirror and scratching it. If your Barlow(s) are short, and you're using the TeleVue #7782PC 2" SCT diagonal and #7785SC SCT adapter for extra clearance to allow eyepieces to swing through the drive base of many catadioptric scopes, use the #2715FC low profile adapter instead.

Tech Details

Weight 5 oz.
Warranty 5 years


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