iOptron SkyTracker Pro Camera Mount With Polar Scope #3322


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Introducing The iOptron SkyTracker Pro -- iOptron's next generation altazimuth/equatorial camera tracking device for wide field astrophotography and panoramic landscapes!

Our Product #: 3322
iOptron Product #: 3322

Product Description

Upgraded from the original SkyTracker, the iOptron SkyTracker Pro is more compact, small enough to fit on your palm. Despite its diminutive size, it  it can still carry and track camers weighing up to 6.6 lbs for high prtecision silent tracking wide field astronomical and panoramic terrestrial photography.  Its built-in rechargeable power source runs for up to 24 hours of continuous operation. The improved precision polar scope still has a fine engraved reticule, but now features adjustable illumination with eight brightness levels. Combined with the iOptron smart phone app, it makes quick and accurate polar alignment a joy.

The SkyTracker Pro features four tracking rates, 1X (sidereal), 1/2X for sky and landscape, solar, and lunar. All 4 tracking rates work in both northern and southern hemispheres. iOptron has also added a quick slew mode with both forward and reverse to help quickly reframe your image without disrupting the camera's position.

The SkyTracker Pro's removable alt-azimuth base features a precision bubble level, degree markings for the altitude and a built-in post for the azimuth control. You can also mount the SkyTracker Pro head (without the base) directly to any standard photographic tripod with 1/4" or 3/8" threads. The SkyTrackerTM Pro is certainly a must-have tool for any photographer interested in astroscape or wide field astrophotography.

The iOptron SkyTracker Pro features . . .

All metal structure with ABS covers
Attaches to a camera tripod with 3/8" or 1/4" threads
Accepts cameras weighing up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
Silent tracking for smooth camera motion, perfect for long-term exposures
Detachable alt-azi base with fine latitude and azimuth adjusters for easy polar alignment
Reversible mounting post for both 3/8" and 1/4" threaded ball head mounting
Includes iOptron AccuAlign dark-field illuminated polar scope
Adjustable polar scope illumination with eight brightness levels
4 tracking speeds (1X, 1/2X, solar and lunar). 1X celestial tracking for imaging the sky and stars; 1/2X tracking speed for imaging both the starry night and the landscapes at the same time
Quick slew (180X maximum) for camera framing adjustment
Operation in both northern and southern hemispheres
Built-in rechargeable battery with Micro USB port for power and charging
Up to 24 hours of operation at 68° Fahrenheit (20°C)
1/4" - 3/8" photo tripod thread converter included
Padded carry bag included
Optional ball heads available separately (#3305A)
Optional tripod (#3221)

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Review by:
I purchased this unit under advise of fellow astronmy club members. This was to be my first outing to capture widefield imaging. I'm hooked. This unit made it so easy to polar align and track. The only negative issue I had was in using the small hole provided to prealign on Polaris. It is a strain on the nexk and back to get down low enough to see through the small hole. A taller tripod would aleviate this annoyance. If you are using very long exposure times, I strongly recommend you obtain one of the freeware apps for correctly positioning the true offset to Polaris. (Posted on 9/9/2019)
Review by:
This is a good little mount. I recently started playing around with astrophotography, and wanted to try a decent mount to "get my feet wet" with. This was a good choice, it is easy to set up and use. (Posted on 9/9/2019)
Review by:
I recently purchased this iOptron SkyTracker Pro and it's a breeze to set up and use. The mount is stable and easily holds my Nikon D5300 + Rokinon 16mm f/2.8 lens. Works great! (Posted on 1/11/2019)
Review by:
Although you are likely to catch the bug and want to move past this mount for larger payloads, this mount excels at wide field dslr or mirrorless astrophotography. It's well built, easy to use, and tracks well. I was able to get 4 minute subs with my A7II with a metabones E to F adaptor and a Nikon 180 2.8 ED Ai-s. Not a very heavy setup, but very capable of getting a lot of the larger northern winter sky targets. I've since moved on to larger mounts, but I can't recommend it enough for someone who owns a camera and some decent lenses and wants to begin to dabble in AP. (Posted on 1/10/2019)
Review by:
When I decided to get into AP I bought this prior to investing in an expensive APO & mount. With a DSLR and simple mount I was able to do 1-2 min unguided subs without issue. The included illuminated polar scope along with their app makes polar alignment a snap! Also, I now use this to capture wide angle MW images that I can’t with my 81mm APO. An excellent piece of AP gear! (Posted on 12/30/2018)
Review by:
I purchased the SkyTracker Pro for my wife who enjoys wide field astrophotography. You can purchase a counter weight if needed, which I did when I originally purchased this mount. However, she has never needed to use it with her camera set up that includes a Sony a7 Rii and 10 mm lens. I would give this product 5 stars if the led that lights the reticle could be adjusted for brightness, at least I couldn't find a way to do this. (Posted on 12/27/2018)
Review by:
The Skytracker Pro was the piece of equipment that really opened the door to eventual astrophotography for me. This tracker is budget-friendly, opens up worlds of possibilities via its portability and ease of setup, and was dependable without fail. I used it heavily for over a year before upgrading to the SkyGuider Pro for it's increased payload (about 2x the Skytracker) and ability to guide in RA. If someone is considering an easy to use skytracker for Milky Way / Nightscape shots, or even wide field astrophotography- the Skytracker Pro is hard to beat. With the iOptron or similar apps on a phone, you can be setup, and polar aligned within 5 minutes. I was able to achieve 4-5 min wide angle shots without trailing (probably could have gone more if desired), and was even able to get 30 second exposures without noticeable trails at 200mm. The only negative (if you can call it that) is the relatively light ~6.5lb payload. However for ease of use and portability per dollar it's hard to beat! (Posted on 10/31/2018)
Review by:
This is a great little mount if you are looking for something quick to setup and easy to use. It’s very compact and hardly takes up any space in a grab and go bag. I’ve managed to get 120s exposures with minimal star trailing. It’s incredibly user friendly and easy to align with the polar scope. The build quality is really good too, it doesn’t feel cheap and it’ll survive been outside in a damp field all night tracking the night sky. It handles the weight of my camera/lens perfectly fine, no slow sliding over time, it holds the camera position perfectly. I’d highly recommend this for anyone who wants something as a grab and go tracking option. For widefield nightscapes or aurora’s it’s beyond useful and hasn’t let me down! (Posted on 10/8/2018)
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