Kendrick heater for 14" to 15" Newtonian primary mirrors

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This 13" diameter by 0.05" thick circular dew heater pad keeps dew from forming on a 14" to 15" Newtonian reflector's primary mirror . . .
Our Product #: KDP14
Kendrick Product #: 2026

Product Description

This Kendrick 13" diameter by 0.05" thick circular dew heater pad fits between a 14" to 15" reflector's primary mirror and its mirror cell. It is particularly effective with truss-tube type Dobsonian reflectors, whose open framework is more prone to allow the formation of dew than a closed tube design made of Sonotube or aluminum. The pad is made of two sheets of rubberized fabric cemented together. Embedded between the sheets is a heater element made of a single thin strand of nichrome wire many feet long. The wire is laid in a maze-like pattern so that it warms the entire surface of the heater pad. Since the pad is in direct contact with the back of the primary mirror, the warmth of the heater element is transmitted very effectively into the mirror. The result is that you need less energy to keep your mirror dew-free.

The heater pad draws 4 amps at full power (power consumption at normal operating levels will generally be 40% to 60% less, as the normal standard controller setting is medium to low). It has a permanently attached 4' power cord terminated by a male RCA plug for connection to the heater control unit.

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


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