Celestron Kit of 2" eyepieces and visual accessories


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This kit consists of eleven Celestron 2" visual accessories that will get you started observing right with your new Celestron telescope - or any brand of telescope . . .
Our Product #: ACCKIT2
Celestron Product #: 94305

Product Description

This accessory kit is a great visual value for astronomers. It is designed to work with refractors that have a 2" focuser and with catadioptric telescopes 8" in aperture and larger (Celestron and Meade Schmidt-Cassegrains, for example). The kit is also usable with reflectors having a 2" focuser, but you won't be able to use the included 2" star diagonal with these scopes.

The kit includes three fully multicoated 2" E-Lux Kellner eyepieces. The eyepieces have focal lengths of 26, 32, and 40mm. The apparent field of view of these eyepieces is a wide 56 degrees (50 degrees on the 40mm). Each has a eye relief of 20mm or longer for unvignetted eyeglass use and a soft rolldown rubber eyecup to shield your eye from ambient light. They are threaded to use the 48mm (2") planetary color filters from this kit that are described below, as well as any other 2" filters you might have.

You get a fully multicoated 2x 2" Barlow specially designed for this kit to double the power of the eyepieces. The Barlow has a 1.25" eyepiece adapter with a non-marring compression ring eyepiece holder. The 1.25" adapter is also used with the supplied 2" star diagonal.

The 2" star diagonal uses an aluminized first surface mirror for good contrast and high light transmission. The diagonal comes with adapters to let you thread it directly onto the rear cell of a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, as well as to slip it into a 2" refractor focuser drawtube. The 2" eyepiece holder of the diagonal uses a non-marring compression ring eyepiece holder. The 1.25" compression ring eyepiece adapter from the 2" Barlow mentioned above will let you use 1.25" eyepieces in this 2" diagonal.

To bring out surface structure and details in lunar and planetary observing, you get the following 2" eyepiece color filters: #12 medium yellow, #21 orange, #25A medium red, #58A dark green, and #80A medium blue.

Finally, all the accessories come in a locking aluminum-clad hard carrying case with a die-cut foam interior to keep them conveniently handy in the dark. The case has room to store other eyepieces or small accessories, as well.

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Warranty 2 years


Review by:
I bought this kit after I acquired an Explore Scientific 102mm APO scope. Having only used 1.25" eyepieces up to that point, I was really impressed with the views through these 2" eyepieces. This kit is a great value for what you get. (Posted on 7/22/2019)
Review by:
I have used the Celestron 2" eyepieces on a c9.25 and find that 1.25 wide field 82 degree eyepieces serve my needs better for 10 inches of aperture or less. Used these on a 14 inch meade as well and these were a must for getting the most of a monster like that. In my opinion, if you have a 10" or larger scope, or regularly use higher powers on your scope, the 2" eyepieces are a must. This kit has a great value/price for a beginner. The meade and celestron 1.25 and 2" were my first eyepieces and they were great for my first few years in the hobby. One other thing, if you've never looked thru a 2" eyepiece, I would see if you can check one out. I have a few friends who are primarily visual observers and they don't feel that views thru a 2" are better for them. They feel there's a sweet spot you need to find observing thru a 2" that isn't an issue with a 1.25 eyepiece. That being said they all agree that for a large scope 2" eyepieces are the only way to go. If you decide that 2 inchers work for you. You will be happy with the performance of this set. And saves money too. (Posted on 12/26/2018)
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