Tele Vue large field corrector for CCD imaging with NP-101is/NP-127is

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This auxiliary lens optimizes the edge of field performance with 35mm CCD chips and larger on the NP-101is and NP-127is . . .
Our Product #: 1360
TeleVue Product #: LCL-1069

Product Description

This auxiliary multicoated lens system sharpens 35mm and large format CCD images taken through the TeleVue NP-101is and NP-127is imaging system refractors only. The lens flattens the normally slightly curved refractor field to provide tightly-focused pinpoint star images across the entire field for deep space photography. It does it without changing the effective focal length or focal ratio of the scope. It is recommended for cameras using large format CCD chips, such as the SBIG Research Series STL-11000M and 11000CM which have CCD chips the size of a 35mm negative, as well as those cameras with still larger chips (greater than the 36mm x 24.7mm chips of the STL-11000 models).

Tech Details

Weight 5 oz.
Warranty 5 years


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