Leather Case upgrade for 3.5" scopes

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3.5" Questar telescopes come in a leather-look vinyl-covered hard case. This option exchanges that vinyl-clad case for a genuine leather hard case at a savingings of nearly $200 over the cost of buying the leather case by itself at a later date . . .
Our Product #: QCASE
Questar Product #: 19179S

Product Description

The 3.5" Questar Standard and Duplex telescopes are supplied in a leather-look vinyl-covered hard case. This option exchanges the vinyl-clad case for a genuine leather hard case for these telescope models. The leather case (#19179) is also available separately in case the original case is lost or damaged, but at a higher cost than this upgrade. This upgrade saves you nearly $200 over the cost of the leather case purchased separately at a later date. The upgrade is available only at the time your telescope is purchased and cannot be made at this lower price at a later date.

The case is made in the USA and measures 15.5" x 9" x 8.5". It is made of wood, covered in premium dark reddish-brown Oxblood tone leather, with a luggage-style leather-covered carrying handle.

The case has combination lock latches (the standard vinyl case has keyed locks) that secure the case lid. The lock hardware and lid hinges are finished in a polished brass. The combination locks may be set to any three digit number you choose (instructions are provided with the case).

The case is lined in blue velour, with pockets in the lid to hold the scope's second eyepiece, solar filter, tabletop tripod legs, and an optional Powerguide hand control. The feature  image of the open case above shows the standard accessories in their storage pockets.

The scope slides into the case from the front. It is held firmly in the case by adjustable-tension plastic buttons in the case walls. These clamp onto the lip of the scope base and prevent it from tilting or falling towards the top of the case should the case be tipped or tilted. A reinforced pad of material is sewn into the back wall of the case to keep the scope from abrading the blue interior.

Shipping is free on this Questar item if it is purchased as an upgrade to a Questar scope that is being drop-shipped to you from the Questar factory. It is also available separately as part #19179 at higher cost as a case upgrade for an older scope.

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


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