Losmandy 2.5 lb. cwt & adapter with 2" shaft for Losmandy and Vixen dovetails


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This Losmandy counterweight system attaches to an optional Vixen orLosmandy dovetail to balance heavy accessory loads on Celestron andMeade fork-mounted telescopes to reduce the strain of an unbalanced loadon the telescope drive motors . . .
Our Product #: DVWS
Losmandy Product #: DVWS

Product Description

This Losmandy counterweight system is used to balance heavy accessory loads on Celestron and Meade fork-mounted catadioptric telescopes.

It has a dual-channel dovetail adapter that clamps onto either an optional Losmandy D-Series dovetail accessory mounting plate or an optional Vixen-style accessory dovetail that is attached to either the top or underside of the telescope's optical tube. A 5 inch long threaded stainless steel rod projects from the dovetail adapter. A 2.5 pound counterweight threads onto the rod.

By sliding the dovetail adapter back and forth along the optional dovetail until the optical tube balances, combined with threading the counterweight closer to or further away from the optical tube, almost any accessory load can be balanced to reduce the strain of an unbalanced accessory load on the telescope drive motors.

Tech Details

Weight 3.2 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
Its Losmandy .. what else can you say? Well I use to talk to Scott Losmandy on a weekly basis back when I was building mounts for Astro-Track Engineering, he puts a lot of thought into all his designs and the fit and finish of his products are matched by few. I use this particular dovetail counterweight on a 10" f/5 Newtonian to counter balance my camera gear, works and looks great, and will last a lifetime like all his machined products. Astronomics is also great! (Posted on 1/2/2019)
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