Losmandy Saddle plate for G11 & Takahashi mounts, holds Losmandy/Vixen dovetails

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This Losmandy saddle plate attaches to Losmandy G-11 and GM 8 equatorial mounts, as well as Takahashi mounts, and lets you attach optical tubes using either Losmandy "D' or "V" style dovetail plates or any standard Vixen-style dovetail . . .
Our Product #: G11SPDV
Losmandy Product #: G-11 SPDV

Product Description

This Losmandy #G11SPDV saddle plate mounts on Losmandy G-11 and Takahashi equatorial mounts. While it can also be installed on the Losmandy GM 8 mount, its size and weight are a better fit for the larger G-11 and Takahashi mounts. It has dual dovetail slots to accept both Losmandy "D" and "V" series dovetail plates, as well as any Vixen-style dovetail plate. A large knurled knob tightens a spring-loaded clamp onto the appropriate dovetail plate to hold it in place.

The Losmandy G11SPDV saddle plate is machined from aluminum and anodized. It weighs 2 lbs (0.9kg). It measures 1" deep x 4.0" wide x 8.0" long. There are four countersunk bolt holes for connecting to your mount: two on 3" centers and a second set on 35mm centers.

Tech Details

Weight 2 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


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