Losmandy Side by side dovetail plate for Losmandy "D-plate" mounts and dovetails


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This Losmandy side by side saddle plate lets you mount two optical systems side by side on aany mount having a Losmandy "D-plate" style saddle . . .

Our Product #: DVSBS
Losmandy Product #: DVSBS

Product Description

This Losmandy #DVSBS side by side adapter incorporates two saddle plates mounted parallel to each other on a Losmandy "D-plate" dovetail rail to let you install two optical systems on a mount simultaneously. This lets you mount an imaging scope and a photoguide scope side by side, for example. The saddle plates can hold either Losmandy "D" or "V" style dovetail plates or standard Vixen-style dovetails.

The dovetail slots in the two saddles are mounted on the Losmandy "D" style dovetail rail at right angles to the long axis of the dovetail. This allows you to mount the two optical systems side by side on any mount, such as a Losmandy G-11 or Celestron CGE Pro (or any other mount having a Losmandy "D" -style saddle plate in its head) by simply rotating the mount saddle 90 degrees.

One large no-tool knob in each of the two saddles tightens a spring-loaded clamp to lock the optical system securely in place.

The Losmandy DVSBS side by side adapter weighs 7.25 lbs. The total thickness is 1.5" and the saddle plate separation is 10", center to center. The side by side plate is made of machined aluminum, anodized black.

Tech Details

Weight 7.25 lbs.
Warranty 1 year


Review by:
I use a Losmandy side by side and it is a solid kit. I've had a 10" RC and 80mm refractor mounted together with no worries of flexure or slipping. I like that the dovetail saddle only has one large knob. Some other saddles have two or more small knobs and I find those small knobs harder to use. (Posted on 11/2/2018)
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