LP-3 Oxygen III line band filter for 2" ep


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Our Product #: LP32

Product Description

Click on the Light Pollution Filter Formula under the Formula tab above and enter your telescope focal ratio in the formula box to see what focal length eyepieces will work best with this filter.

Tech Details

Max City Exit Pupil 5mm
Max Dark Site Exit Pupil 7mm
Min City Exit Pupil 2mm
Min Dark Site Exit Pupil 3mm


Review by:
If you enjoy bright nebulae - pn or otherwise - you need an O III filter.

And, the Thousand Oaks LP-3 is a top-notch example of the type. Excellent transmission on the lines, excellent suppression away from the lines, it does an excellent job of increasing contrast, whether the skies are light-polluted or dark.

While my personal experience in comparing the LP-3 with other O III filters is limited, in the limits of that experience the LP-3 is firmly in the top tier of O III filters. (Posted on 9/9/2019)
Review by:
One of the best astronomical purchases I've ever made. First target was the Veil, which turned from a very cool wisp to a twisted filamentary braid that spanned several wide-angle eyepiece widths. So spectacular that even some first-time observers could hardly believe what they could see. Crescent Nebula also was a completely different experience with this filter. And of course it helped to identify some of those elusive, star-like nebulae that are hard to discern without flashing the filter in front of the eyepiece. (Posted on 10/17/2018)
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