LP-4 H-Beta Line band filter for 2" eyepieces

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Very steep cut-off slopes and a narrow passband make this 2" Thousand Oaks H-Beta filter ideal for viewing certain very faint emission nebulas like the California, Cocoon, and Horsehead.
Our Product #: LP42
Thousand Oaks Product #: LP-448

Product Description

This Thousand Oaks 2" H-Beta line filter for 2" eyepieces has a narrow 12 Ångstrom passband with very steep cut-off slopes centered on the nebula emission line of hydrogen-beta at 4861Å. This narrow passband blocks the rest of the visual spectrum, including light pollution, natural airglow in Earth's skies, etc. The result is an extreme contrast between the black background of space and the delicately attenuated H-Beta light (about one-third the strength of H-alpha emissions) needed to view a few extremely faint objects such as the Horsehead, Cocoon, and California Nebulas that emit relatively strongly in H-Beta.

In many cases, an H-Beta filter is the only way to view those objects. The filter needs a steady, transparent sky; generally a 10-12" or larger aperture telescope; and a long focal length 2" eyepiece to get you as close as possible to a maximum-efficiency 7mm exit pupil for the best results in viewing these difficult "observing trophy" objects. It is not designed for astrophotography or for observing reflection nebulas.

Click on the Light Pollution Filter Formula under the Formula tab above and enter your telescope focal ratio in the formula box to see what focal length eyepieces will work best with this filter.

Tech Details

Max City Exit Pupil 7mm
Max Dark Site Exit Pupil 7mm
Min City Exit Pupil 3mm
Min Dark Site Exit Pupil 4mm
Weight 2 oz.mm


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