Lunt 2" polarizing filter

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The 2" Lunt PF-1 polarizing filter is designed for use with 2" eyepieces in the Lunt LS2HW Solar Wedge to control the image brightness during white light visual observing.
Our Product #: PF-1
Lunt Solar Systems Product #: PF-1

Product Description

This 2" Lunt polarizing filter is designed primarily to thread into 2" eyepieces used with the Lunt LS2HW Solar Wedge to control the image brightness during white light solar observing with larger aperture (up to 150mm) refractors. It can also be used in 2" eyepieces to improve lunar and planetary contrast during regular night time observing.

The Lunt 2" Solar Wedge produces partially polarized light. This 2" polarizing filter is threaded into the base of your 2" eyepiece. By rotating the eyepiece containing this polarizing filter in relation to the Solar Wedge body, the image brightness of the polarized light coming from the Solar Wedge can be adjusted to a comfortable level for observing with larger aperture refractors.

This polarizing filter must be used in conjunction with the existing internal Neutral Density (ND) filter within the Lunt Solar Wedge. A polarizing filter does not provide sufficient blocking by itself, nor is it able to block IR wavelengths as completely as the ND filter in the Solar Wedge. Also, the polarizing filter must be used in the eyepiece, never in the Solar Wedge's 2" nosepiece (ahead of the ND filter within the Solar Wedge). The polarizing filter must be located after the ND3.0 filter in the Solar Wedge to prevent damage to the delicate internal layers of the polarizing filter.

Manufactured for Lunt by Baader, the filter is made of plane/parallel optical glass, precision polished for optimum performance. It fits standard 2" eyepiece filter threads in eyepieces.

Tech Details

Weight 1.5 oz.
Warranty 1 year


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