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  1. Celestron equatorial wedge for Celestron NexStar SE 6/8 and NexStar Evolution SCTs

    This Celestron #93665 equatorial wedge turns the altazimuth mount of the Celestron NexStar Evolution and NexStar SE 6/8 telescopes into an equatorial mount for long-exposure astrophotography.
  2. Celestron Heavy duty HD Pro equatorial wedge for fork-mounted Celestron SCTs

    Celestron's HD Pro Equatorial Wedge equatorially mounts Celestron fork-mounted Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes up to 11" aperture on your tripod or pier for long exposure astrophotography . . .
  3. Meade 8" Equatorial wedge for LX200

    This Meade equatorial wedge lets you use a Meade 8" SCT in a polar (equatorial) mode for long exposure astrophotography . . .
  4. Meade Heavy duty equatorial X-Wedge for fork-mounted Meade SCTs

    The Meade X-Wedge lets you do long exposure astrophotography with fork-mounted Meade LX200 or LX600 altazimuth mount telescopes. 
4 Item(s)
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