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  1. Software Bisque Paramount MX+ heavy duty robotic German equatorial mount, 90 lb payload


    This Software Bisque Paramount MX heavy duty robotic German equatorial mount has 90 pound payload capacity and a broad range of advanced features and capabilities that will keep you focused on the Universe and not your equipment.

  2. Software Bisque Paramount MyT Computerized Equatorial Mount Head


    The Paramount MYT (pronounced "mighty") Robotic Telescope Mount is a German equatorial mount designed from the base up to provide unsurpassed stability and performance for portable, semi-portable, or permanent installations. Other than its smaller stature and lower total payload capacity, the Paramount MYT incorporates essentially every feature found in the higher capacity Paramount ME II and Paramount MX+ models.

  3. Software Bisque Pyramid portable pier tripod

    The Software Bisque Pyramid Portable Pier tripod for the Paramount MX mount weighs only 20 pounds, but will support a 250 pound payload . . .
  4. Software Bisque Paramount MYT tripod

    The Paramount MYT Tripod is the perfect companion to the Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount.
  5. Software Bisque Paramount ME II heavy duty robotic German equatorial mount, 240 lb payload

    More payload, more power, more precision, more of everything that imaging professionals have come to expect for years from the Software Bisque Paramount ME robotic mount . . . that's what you get in the new Software Bisque Paramount ME II. 
5 Item(s)
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