Optolong L-eXtreme 2" Light Pollution Dual Passband Imaging Filter 7nm Ha/OIII

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Take back the night sky by using the Optolong L-eXtreme 2" Dual Passband filter when imaging. Take your backyard imaging to places you never thought possible.

Our Product #: Optolex2
Optolong Product #: L-eXtreme 2"
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Product Description

Optolong filters are here to help all of us Earth based Astronauts.  As light pollution gets worse and worse we need something in our tool kit to help us photograph the night sky.  Urban sprawl has created skies that just aren't conducive to imaging.  You can fight back with the assistance of filters.  In the past it has been an expensive proposition to purchase separate filters and filter wheels.  The Optolong L-eXtreme filter will help your imaging tremendously, especially if you have to capture from a light polluted area.  

The L-eXtreme 2" builds on the foundation of the past offereing from Optolong and helps our imaging by isolating specific emission lines.  Unlike the L-eNhance filter, the L-eXtreme works on two emission lines while blocking out the H-beta portion.  The filter instead concentrates the 7nm passband on the H-alpha at 656nm and OIII at 501nm, which is generally the area that nebulas have their strongest emission.  You will also find that the filter is extremely good at blocking out moonlight as well as general light pollution.  This dual-band pass filter has been designed to work with DSLR, Color CMOS, and monochrome CCD Cameras

The filter itself is very well made.  The multi-layer anit-reflection coating is based on an Ion-assisted technology known for durability and Resistance to scratching.  The technology also provides stability to the CWL (central wavelength) allowing no deviation with temperature change.  The 1/4 wavelength Schott glass filter is housed in a very thin CNC machined housing..  The L-eXtreme comes in a plastic case to protect your investment when not in use.

Tech Details

Color 0 - Not a color filter
Size 2"


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