Optolong L-Pro 1.25" Light Pollution Filter

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The Optolong 1.25" L-Pro light pollution filter is a great way to suppress the issues caused by all these lights that are all around us. This mounted filter can be used visually or photographically.
Our Product #: Optolpro1
Optolong Product #: L-Pro 1.25"

Product Description

Optolong filters are here to help all of us Earth based Astronauts.  As light pollution gets worse and worse we need something in our tool kit to help us observe, or photograph, the night sky.  The L-Pro 1.25" can help us reach out a little bit farther and see a little bit more of what keeps us looking up.

The L-Pro 1.25" helps us by reducing the transmission of specific wavelengths of light pollutants.  Throw in the main nebula emission lines at OIII (496nm and 500nm), H-Beta (486nm), NII (654nm), H-alpha (656nm), and finally SII (672nm) and you have a filter that will enhance the contrast both visually and photographically of those every impressive stellar objects.

So the trick is that the filter won't eliminate the effects of the light pollution, or make the object brighter.  In most cases it will increase the contrast between the nebula and the night sky.  The filter works very well with galaxies, reflection nebula, and globular star clusters.

The filter itself is very well made.  The multi-layer anit-reflection coating is based on an Ion-assisted technology known for durability and Resistance to scratching.  The technology also provides stability to the CWL (central wavelength) allowing no deviation with temperature change.  The 1/4 wavelength Schott glass filter is housed in a very thin CNC machined housing with a clear aperture of 26mm.  The L-Pro comes in a plastic case to protect your investment when not in use.

Tech Details

Color 0 - Not a color filter
Size 1.25"


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