Optolong LRGB 2" Imaging Mounted Filter Set

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Look no further for an LRGB set for your 2" filter wheel or drawer.
Our Product #: OPTOLRGB2
Optolong Product #: OPTOLRGB2
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Product Description

Time to get serious with your monochrome CCD or CMOS camera.  The filter set works extremely well for deep-space and planetary imaging.  The Optolong LRGB filter set is designed for maximum contrast and with extremely high gradients for a clear differentiation of colors. The set consists of red, green, blue and luminance 2" filters.

A great amount of thought went into the way each filter approached their intended purpose.  The OIII emission overlaps on blue and green filters with maximum transmission to allow high efficiency and natural color imaging. A designed gap between the green and red filters serves to block out the primary Sodium light pollution line at 589nm and improves color balance and separation.

The RGB filters are all parfocal and have a steep bandpass to eliminate UV and IR interference.  The filters are all very well made.  The multi-layer anit-reflection coating is based on an Ion-assisted technology known for durability and Resistance to scratching.  The technology also provides stability to the CWL (central wavelength) allowing no deviation with temperature change.  The 1/4 wavelength Schott glass filter is housed in a very thin CNC machined housing..  The filter comes in a plastic case to protect your investment when not in use.

Tech Details

Color 0 - Not a color filter
Size 2"


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