Pentax Camera adapter (for Pentax K-mount cameras only)

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This adapter converts a 100mm Pentax spotting scope into a 1250mm telephoto lens, and an 80mm Pentax into a 1000mm telephoto. For Pentax K-mount cameras only . . .
Our Product #: PF-CA35
Pentax Product #: 70510

Product Description

The Pentax camera adapter can be used with any Pentax K-mount 35mm camera, or any 35mm single lens reflex (SLR) camera body using the popular Pentax K-mount lens system. It will not work with cameras from Canon, Nikon, Leica, Olympus, etc. It converts the 100mm Pentax spotting scope into a 1250mm f/12.5 telephoto lens, the 80mm Pentax scopes into a 1000mm f/12.5 telephoto, and the 65mm Pentax scopes into a 780mm f/12 telephoto.

Unlike other adapters, the PF-CA35 does not use a light-robbing eyepiece to project the image from the scope to the film plane. Instead, it uses a five-lens, four-group no-eyepiece optical system for flat-field images that rival the resolution of telephoto lenses designed strictly for camera use. All air-to-glass surfaces in the adapter are fully multicoated for high light transmission and contrast. Plastic endcaps keep dust out of the optical system when the adapter is not in use.

The adapter focuses at the same point as a normal scope eyepiece. This allows you to remove the eyepiece from your scope and quickly replace it with the camera adapter without having to waste time to refocus. The adapter provides a 2° field of view with a 100mm scope, with a 30' close focus. With an 80mm scope, the field is 2.5° and the close focus is 22'. With a 65mm scope, the field is 3.2° and the close focus is 18'.

Tech Details

Weight 12 oz


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