Celestron PowerTank 7 Amp-hour 12V DC rechargeable battery


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The Celestron 7 amp-hour Power Tank solves your portable power problems by giving you a multi-output 12V DC power supply for operating your telescope all night in the field.
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Product Description

The Celestron 7 amp-hour Power Tank solves your portable power problems by giving you a multi-output 12V DC power supply for operating your telescope and small accessories in the field. This 7.4 pound rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery works with all telescopes that can be powered by a 12V DC external power supply.

The Power Tank has all of these features:

  • 7 amp hour rechargeable battery capacity (somewhat less if used in temperatures below 32 degrees F), enough for many hours of observing with most telescopes

  • two 12V DC cigarette lighter plug outputs for powering scopes and accessories, with sliding covers to keep them dirt- and debris-free when not in use

  • two built in 5V/1.5A USB ports for charging portable devices (such as a Smart Phone, iPad, or tablet) in the field

  • an 8' long DC power cord (the cord labeled C in the feature image below), with a cigarette lighter plug on one end for connecting to one of the cigarette lighter plug outputs on the Power Tank and a female 5.5mm pin jack plug for connecting to the 12V DC input on a Celestron telescope on the other end

  • very, very bright 800,000 candle power built-in spotlight for scope setup/takedown and for finding your way across a dark field (definitely not for use at star parties if you want to preserve the dark-adapted vision of those still observing)

  • a built-in flashlight for scope setup and takedown with a tethered detachable red lens cover to preserve your dark-adapted vision (too bright for reading star charts; a variable brightness LED flashlight is still best for that)

  • separate on/off switches for scope power, red lens flashlight, and spotlight

  • battery indicator lights that show the status of the battery - ON/ready to use; needs charging; charging; or OFF/fully charged

  • an external 110V AC recharger for replenishing the Power Tank's battery charge as many as 100 times or more; the two parts of the adapter for U. S. and Canadian use are labeled A in the feature image below (since Celestron products are sold world-wide, the Power Tank also includes three other AC adapter plugs for use in Europe and Asia, which are labeled B in the feature image below); the AC adapter can be used with any 100 to 240 volt 50/60 Hz AC power supply

  • a molded-in carrying handle.

  • a shoulder strap.

In addition to powering Celestron scopes, the 7 amp-hour Power Tank can also be used with 12V Meade scopes, including current LX200 models. However, a Meade #607 DC cord is needed to connect the Power Tank to a Meade 12V scope due to the difference between the sizes of the 12V DC input plug center posts on Meade and Celestron scopes. Because the Power Tank has a 12-volt DC output, it cannot be used with older Meade non-GPS LX200 scopes that require an 18V DC external power supply.

As with any rechargeable battery, the Power Tank will operate at full power until approximately 40% of its charge is left. The output voltage will then start to drop relatively quickly past this point. At 30%-35% of its full charge, the Power Tank may not have enough output voltage to successfully operate your various electronic components. The maximum true full power output capacity of the 7 amp-hour Power Tank is therefore in the neighborhood of about 4.5 to 5 amp-hours.

To calculate how long the 7 amp-hour Power Tank will operate your particular complement of equipment, add up the maximum amperage ratings of your telescope and telescope accessories. Divide 4.5 by the total amperage draw of all your components to find the worse case number of hours that this Power Tank will operate your system. Keep in mind that accessories will usually not operate continuously at their full rated amperage. A dew heater might be rated at a 1-amp draw, but that is when it is turned up to maximum power. Seldom are dew heaters turned on full and left at that setting. Operating at only 1/4 to 1/3 of the rated power is usually more typical. The actual operating time of the Power Tank on a single charge can therefore often be two to three times the length of the worst-case scenario calculated above. Your operating time will depend on the ambient temperature and the particular combination of components you are using.

A note on assembling the AC adapter: The AC adapter has five parts, the adapter itself, and four different prong assemblies that snap into the adapter and plug into your household AC wall socket. Choose the prong assembly that matches the configuration of your AC wall socket. Do not attempt to slide the prong assembly straight into the adapter! This will cause damage to the adapter that is not covered by warranty.

Refer to the feature images below for proper assembly. Note that the metal prongs of the prong assembly are placed at the opposite end of the adapter from the end with the cord connected to it. The prong assembly is placed on top of the AC adapter so that tabs on the prong assembly can drop into small slots in the sides of the long and wide slot of the AC adapter. When the tabs drop into the slots and the top of the prong assembly is flush with the top of the AC adapter, slide the prong assembly into the AC adapter in the direction of the arrow in the image until the prong assembly clicks into place.

You should not have to remove the prong assembly unless you move overseas and need to connect your Power Tank to a different type of AC outlet. The prong assembly can be removed from the adapter by using a pencil to push down on the tab in that adapter that locks the prong assembly in place.

The battery instructions caution against using the charger continuously for more than 24 hours to avoid overcharging the battery and possibly damaging it. In addition, the instructions suggest recharging the battery occasionally to maintain its performance if it is not going to be used for several months at a time.

Printed instructions are supplied with the Power Tank. If all else fails, read the instructions!

Tech Details

Weight 7.4 lbs.
Warranty 2 years


Review by:
I bought one of these online (not from Astronomics) lured by the friendly price.
When I got it the build quality was beyond terrible and I actually had to modify it to keep the power port where you plug in the adaptor from pulling out of the housing every time you used it, the pack didn't have the jumper cables as promised.
It DOES power the scope well but I now need more than two of the round power plugs.
I recommend you get something a little better that won't be teetering on the brink of disaster from the very first moment outta the box. (Posted on 11/15/2019)
Review by:
My Celestron 102SLT used to eat batteries & I was always running out. Not only that, the speed of movement of the scope on batteries was nothing less than dire. I bought one of these & my world changed! Wonderful speed once powered by this. You need to keep this "topped" up though, so keep mains charging it. Also, I use it to power my car/motorcycle/pushbike tyre pump and numerous other things around the house. Truly portable power & a decent torch too. In fact the torch is great for setting up the scope & packing up. However, it's so bright that it takes a few mins for your eyes to adjust after setting up! (Posted on 10/31/2019)
Review by:
Love this power tank! It holds power for ever and runs my ETX all night if needed. I leave it it the garage and it is always ready to go. Highly recommend covering the large flashlight part with red tape or disabling it altogether, it can possibly be turned on accidentally in the field and really upset other observers, lesson learned! (Posted on 10/17/2019)
Review by:
I got this to power my Celestron SLT130 it hold up to a night of viewing. I use my phone with several apps so i can keep up with night sky and with the USB ports it allows me to charge my phone while using my telescope and never misses a lick. (Posted on 7/29/2019)
Review by:
I bought this along with my new AVX mount to power it. It works very well and has had plenty of power every time I've used it. The bright white spotlight is handy when breaking down and packing up after a night of observing. I haven't needed the USB chargers yet, but they are nice to have as are the 2 cigarette lighter plugs. I wondered if I should have gotten the larger 17ah size, but so far this has had more than I've needed in up to 5 hours of viewing. I think it could easily do 6-8 hours with power to spare. (Posted on 12/29/2018)
Review by:
This power box easily operates my Celestron AVX telescope and my laptop all night long with power to spare. Follow the manufacturers instructions about recharging. If you have not used the power tank for 60 days, you need to completely recharge the battery. It is a very good purchase. (Posted on 10/25/2018)
Review by:
I got this to use with my 8SE goto scope. It runs the system for a full night flawlessly. The additional options like the USB ports also helps to keep my iPhone charged when using SkySafari to control the scope. Plus with its lights it helps me during the packing up when the night is over. 5 star rating for sure. (Posted on 10/6/2018)
Review by:
I like this power tank for my scope power at night. We have used it during storms, and looking at damage outside the house at night. Even just setting it on the coffee table, makes it look like we have power, when the whole block goes dark. I purchased this power tank to take the scope to the lake, but it has been a real plus around the house as well.
Thank you 50 times, Richard (Posted on 8/4/2017)
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