Powerguide III DC Drive/drive corrector installed in older 3.5" Questars

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This is a factory retrofit installation of the DC-powered Powerguide II drive/drive corrector in your existing 3.5" AC-powered Questar telescope.
Our Product #: PG3F
Questar Product #: 19415

Product Description

The Powerguide II DC drive/quartz-controlled drive corrector is designed to replace the standard AC-powered motor drive in Questar telescopes. It allows you to operate the Questar's drive motor away from all AC power sources, using an ordinary 9 volt battery. It also provides drive corrector functions for astrophotography.

The Powerguide II must be installed by Questar factory technicians in place of the existing AC drive motor in your Questar telescope. It cannot be installed in the field. This requires that your scope be shipped back to Questar for the installation. Fully insured shipping to the factory is the buyer's responsibility. In addition, return shipping will be added. Questar's return shipping is $55 to the East Coast, $60 to the Central US, and $75 to the West Coast.        

The Powerguide II powers the Questar at a sidereal tracking rate for up to 50 hours from a single 9-volt transistor radio battery, freeing you forever from the need to stay near an AC outlet to observe. Pushbuttons on the Powerguide II hand control allow single axis guiding in right ascension for astrophotography (or dual axis by adding an optional declination motor). Pressing the east and west buttons simultaneously when the scope is turned on converts the drive to a lunar tracking rate. Pressing the north and south buttons simultaneously when the scope is turned on converts it to southern hemisphere operation, allowing you to use a Questar anywhere in the world without having to worry about finding the proper power frequency or voltage. With a Powerguide II, the Questar is truly a universal telescope.

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