Questar electric declination motor for 7" Questar fork mount

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The Questar #29526 motorized declination drive for fork-mounted Questar 7" telescopes is used with a QuestarPowerguide II drive corrector to make small corrections in declinationduring long-exposure guided astrophotography . . .

Our Product #: 29526
Questar Product #: 29526

Product Description

The Questar #29526 motorized declination drive for a fork-mounted Questar 7" telescope is designed to be used in conjunction with the Questar Powerguide II or Powerguide III drive corrector. The Powerguide is an electronic DC drive and drive corrector powered by one 9V flashlight battery that allows the user to operate his or her Questar independent of an AC power source. The Powerguide also allows the user to make drive corrections in right ascension during long exposure guided astrophotography while the #29526 declination drive simultaneously makes small corrections in declination for guiding and object centering, controlled by the Powerguide.

The #29526 declination drive is powered by the Powerguide and includes a drive assembly cup that fits over and turns the manual declination slow motion control knob on the 7" Questar's fork arm. The drive assembly is integrated with a reduction gear box and electric declination motor on a support frame that clamps onto the telescope fork arm to hold the drive assembly in contact with the slow motion control knob. A power and signal cable connects the dec motor to the Powerguide II hand control.

The declination drive is constructed of anodized aluminum with brass and stainless steel components. It is designed for use only with the Powerguide II or Powerguide III system, and not with the original Questar Powerguide. Attempting to use it with any other drive controller is will result in damage to the motor and possibly to the controller itself. When ordering, please specify in the order form notes which model Powerguide your mount is using (Powerguide II or Powerguide III).

Tech Details

Warranty 1 year


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